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12/7/2011 1:55 PM

The Show with No Name broadcast LIVE from the Peabody Hotel yesterday so I was unable to promptly blog. If you will allow I'll give you some of Tuesday show along with todays. You will? Awe. You're sweet.

 As I said or wrote, yesterday at the Peabody was the presentation of the 2011 Broyles Award. It's goes the top assistant coach in college football. This years winner was LSU defensive coordinator  John 'Chief' Chavis. We spoke with coach Chavis as well as the other nominees, Paul Chryst of Wisconsin  and My personal favorite on the one on one we had,  Sal Sunseri from Alabama. It was a great event. The 15th actually and I am thankful that I get to participate. David Bazzel has done it again. He won't let you give him the credit for the Broyles Award when he is in front of you but, he can't stop this. He had an idea and turned it in to a nationally recognized event! It was his vision that made it happen. And a lot of money out of his pocket. Thank you David! All I do is prank call former sports directors.  As we speak, Mr. Baz is in Florida. What's he doing? Probably coming up with another idea that will make the world a better place.

 Speaking of making the world a better place. That's what former 'Rassler/ Actor/ Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura is trying to do. We had him on and it kinda started a feces storm.

 'Wildman' Steve Wilson came by with bird watcher Sara Baxter and Lindy came in with info on the upcoming events that The Buzz is having to include Karaoke for a Cause.  We also got a game of Battle of the Sexes in for a pair of tickets to the Zac Brown Band which is coming to Verizon in March. We will give another pair of tickets away tomorrow at 8:30. It's real simple for this pair. Just be the first to call in at that time and tell RJ Hawk, "Roger Scott used to run Santa's Workshop! Now gimme my Zac Brown Tix"! 

Tomorrow we are in studio but, will be without David. One thing we will throw out there is, The biggest sports story of the Year. Local and Nationally.

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Disabled Veteran to the Buzz (12/8/2011 10:25 AM)

By the way, agree with you on the moon landing. We did land on the moon damnit. I'm 33 but have studied the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo mission from the past. The Right Stuff book told it best. To watch Alan Shepard look up at his vehicle for the day and compare it to kicking the tires on a car was awesome. Those guys were the true heroes of the century. Yeager was a badass too.

Disabled Veteran to the Buzz (12/8/2011 1:33 PM)

More bumpersticker ideas. How about "Believe in yourself. What do you have to lose?" / "Believe the earth is older than 6,000 years. What do have to lose?" / "Science doesn't start wars bitches."

Disabled Veteran to the Buzz (12/8/2011 1:39 PM)

My favorite bumpersticker of all would be "Believe in God or you will burn forever...but he LOVES YOU. What do you have to lose?

phillip (12/8/2011 6:50 PM)

how bout, "save a tree, kill a terrorist what do you have to lose." or "eat more muslims, what do you have to lose, except your lunch". "middle eastern people smell like frito corn chips"

chris (12/8/2011 6:53 PM)

Ventura is a conspiracy theory a**hole. that guy is an idiot, surely even you guys could find someone slightly more intelligent that that stupid butthole. hey Jessie, you suck eat a bag of shit.

Rangers lead the way (12/8/2011 7:04 PM)

How bout you stop trying to play the sympathy card there hero. if you are disabled, then that means you crapped out on your training there high speed. Stop trying to get sympathy for being hurt, people dont want to hear that shit. Learn to live with it and be glad you served, but leave the "im disabled" card at home. truth is noone gives a shit, theyre just glad it wasnt them, why dont you call yourself a proud vet instead of playing the victim, Ranger up and quit wallowing in you bad luck, maybe you should pay tribute to those who didnt come home by shutting the fuck up about your booboos.

Rangers lead the way (12/8/2011 7:25 PM)

by the way, when you piss and moan, you shame your fallen brothers. If you hate God and country, then you are free to take you and your "ouchies" and get the f**k out! Remember, there are alot of people who would give everything for one ounce of what you got. Grow up and act like the man that you raised your right hand and swore you would be, you sound like a coward who blames everyone else for his mistakes, shouldve kept your eyes open and your mouth shut, maybe you wouldnt have to use the term disabled then.

hank (12/8/2011 7:38 PM)

lets calm down, i know that when someone thumbs his nose at God and his country its hard to take, but we need to keep cool heads.

he (12/9/2011 8:40 AM)

Respect other people's right to their own opinion.

Disabled Veteran to the Buzz (12/12/2011 5:19 PM)

Like I thought, deleted my stuff.

Disabled Veteran to the Buzz (12/12/2011 5:20 PM)

Love to meet John Wayne Ranger. Have a talk.

Disabled Veteran to the Buzz (12/13/2011 8:29 AM)

When the Iraqis cut the dudes head off, they had trouble with spinal cord. They kinda had to saw it. After that, they put it head on top of his back with his eyes looking at the camera.

Disabled Veteran to the Buzz (12/13/2011 8:31 AM)

We had a prior service Ranger in our unit. He was cool, but he was the exception.

Disabled Veteran to the Buzz (12/13/2011 8:34 AM)

If you would have read the other part. I said it was evidence asshole.

Disabled Veteran to the Buzz (12/13/2011 8:37 AM)

To the RANGER. You would be like the Lt. on We Were Soldiers gettin my guys killed.

Disabled Veteran to the Buzz (12/13/2011 8:41 AM)

Hey hero. I'm tryin to pay tribute to those who didn't make it back by bitchin and moanin for US, not THEM. You are missing my damn point.

Disabled Veteran to the Buzz (12/13/2011 8:44 AM)

Hey hero RANGER, actually if YOU don't like speaking your mind for issues or people that effect our benefits, then YOU should get the F--K out and move to a place where people can't speak up at all!

Disabled Veteran to the Buzz (12/13/2011 9:12 AM)

I hope you all have a good Christmas.

Disabled Veteran to the Buzz (12/13/2011 1:58 PM)

Seals were more productive and did bring us more hodgies than you Rangers.

Disabled Veteran to the Buzz (12/13/2011 4:53 PM)

All you "Christians" should look at Boozman and McCains record on VA topics.

Disabled Veteran to the Buzz (12/13/2011 5:51 PM)

To the RANGER, Go jump off a cliff. You are not Barry Pepper in Saving Private Ryan.

rangers lead the way (12/13/2011 8:05 PM)

spoken like a true weekend warrior who had to deploy and now wants everyone to think he was a real hero, probably cried for two weeks when he found out he had to be a real soldier.guess real combat is different than filling sandbags for floods isnt it hero. I suppose you ride around with a purple heart sticker on your truck so everyone will feel sorry for you. You have proven my point, you really should have kept your stupid mouth shut and your eyes open and you wouldnt have to use you little ouchies as your opening lines.

Proud Vet to John Wayne (12/14/2011 2:16 PM)

Nope, just cried when I had to leave my wife nutsucker. I just drive with my CIB.

Proud Vet to John Wayne (12/14/2011 2:18 PM)

Also, had some jarheads talk shit about weekend warriors, funny how we all were in same place.

Proud Vet to John Wayne (12/14/2011 2:21 PM)

By the way my D Co. went to Bosnia, Iraq twice, the border, Katrina, and getting ready for Afganistan ballhugger.

Proud Vet to John Wayne (12/14/2011 2:22 PM)

Will say that I was a one timing deployer but woe is me right. Would put my company against your dumbasses any day mofo.

Proud Vet to John Wayne (12/14/2011 2:26 PM)

By the way, get some new material douche bag. At least I keep bringin the points to the table.

Proud Vet to John Wayne (12/14/2011 2:32 PM)

NG better all around soldiers and decision makers.

Proud Vet to John Wayne (12/14/2011 2:35 PM)

How does it feel being a proud Blue Falcon?

Proud Vet to John Wayne (12/14/2011 2:41 PM)

You guys speak out about commies but you hate when people speak out. Huh?

Proud Vet to John Wayne (12/14/2011 2:49 PM)

Hey, just because the Guard doesn't get drunk in the barracks every single night and go to strip bars while shootin our bazookas hungover doesn't mean we ain't good. Wait, yeah we do.

Proud Vet to John Wayne (12/14/2011 2:55 PM)

As Mike Ditka would say, Come On Man! This is tiring. Just speakin up for us man. Ready for the Cotton Bowl.

Proud Vet to John Wayne (12/14/2011 2:58 PM)

By the way, taking a shot for everyone who served, even active duty RANGERS. Thank you for YOUR service.

Proud Vet to John Wayne (12/14/2011 3:09 PM)

Tebow kicks ass by the way.

Proud Vet to John Wayne (12/14/2011 3:11 PM)

Hated Tebow at Florida because he and I think Reggie Fish beat us.

Proud Vet to John Wayne (12/14/2011 4:59 PM)

Also, alot of guys in my unit managed to go to school, raise a young family, and get deployed every damn year. Rangers are no better.

Proud Vet to John Wayne (12/14/2011 5:06 PM)

Rangers may lead the way, like my beloved HOGS, but the National Guard Officers will be hiring you later like Vanderbilt.

Proud Vet to John Wayne (12/14/2011 7:56 PM)

And am giving $500 bucks to their fund come income tax. What do you do?

ranger (12/15/2011 5:53 PM)

Since when is gay a handicap

Proud Vet to John Wayne (12/15/2011 6:54 PM)

Like you said earlier dude. "You have proven my point." That's the best you got?

Proud Vet to John Wayne (12/15/2011 6:58 PM)

Would like to compare you to another movie. Like the dad in American Beauty. Love to get them medals while silently stroking your cock in the barracks loving those hairy asses walkin by you.

Proud Vet to John Wayne (12/15/2011 7:05 PM)

Love my wife man. She has stuck my me through thick and then. If supportin the troops is gay is sign me up for the rainbow revoulution. Nothing wrong with asking questions about leadership.

Proud Vet to John Wayne (12/15/2011 7:57 PM)

Do you attend the Blue Oyster Club sir?

rangers lead the way (12/15/2011 9:00 PM)

well, since you think you are the only one who sacrificed. lets give you my "resume" I spent 10 years goin to third world shitholes, when i got out. after 9/11 i did what i thought was right, i went back to the regiment, i had three kids, little ones, when i came back 3 years later all fucked up, my little kids where 3 years older and their dad wasnt the same, so if you think your the only one who suffers, your as dumb as you sound. I agree with you, the VA sucks. but you need to put your anger to rest. I like you claim you have been, have been all over the world. first combat deployment was panama, night jump, then the first gulf war, followed up by 10 months in northern iraq, then there was Mogadishu, heard of that one, the bosnia twice, then three years in afghanistan, is that up to your one year standards, thats where an RPG took me out of the game, Im not whining about it though. I raise about 5000 a year for the wounded warrior program, and my family has personally bought two whe

Rangers lead the way (12/15/2011 9:11 PM)

wheel chairs for the WWp, So I hope my 2 PH and numerous deployments live up to your expectations, I aint no one war wonder, but I hope you can somehow see fit to respect my opinion like you fuckin demand that i respect yours. Your right, fuck the VA, and if you dont like me Fuck you too, you bitter motherfucker, Better you than me, like i always say. LOL

phillip (12/15/2011 9:52 PM)

God bless america, its sad when our vets are fighting amongst themselves, what the f*** is going on here, our country is in shambles! I thought they had doctors who are supposed to help these guys "turn the shit off" Is it that bad over there that they cant turn off the aggression?

Proud Vet to the Ranger (12/16/2011 11:33 AM)

Man, this is tiring. Merry Christmas.

Proud Vet to the Ranger (12/16/2011 11:36 AM)

Raise that money. We all have different opinions. Different strokes for different folks. My remarks were in anger and am trying to fix it dude. Never said I didn't respect Rangers, just fuckin with ya because of your remarks. Don't believe in God, but God bless you and your cause.

Proud Vet to the Ranger (12/16/2011 11:39 AM)

Do they give you crap at mental health at Fort Roots? I feel ya man.

Proud Vet to the Ranger (12/16/2011 11:39 AM)

Do they give you crap at mental health at Fort Roots? I feel ya man.

Proud Vet to the Ranger (12/16/2011 11:44 AM)

My whole point of this thing was sincere for the troops. Just frustrating when the people who vote for certain nominees thinking they are doing the right thing but are screwing themselves and their fellow soldiers. Looking forward for my oldest daughter getting her first bike this Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and your family. They have a hero for a dad, not like someone like me.

Proud Vet to the Ranger (12/16/2011 11:46 AM)

Wasn't playing any sympathy card man. My dad is a disabled vet, my brother is a blackhawk pilot and veteran and getting ready for another one. I truly do appreciate everyone who served.

Proud Vet to the Ranger (12/16/2011 11:48 AM)

As the morning show knows, my language has been unacceptable to everyone. Too many shots. Should ask Roger how he got off the cough medicine. It's tough.

Proud Vet to the Ranger (12/16/2011 11:54 AM)

VA just gives more you more drugs.

Proud Vet to the Ranger (12/16/2011 12:05 PM)

Heve you had a problem with alcohol or pills and if you did, did you beat it and how? Would like to know.

rangers lead the way (12/16/2011 5:22 PM)

had lots of trouble with both, only thing that helps me sleep. I havent beat it yet, but because of it im easier to live with. I still keep my job and my wife is still here so i guess its not all that bad. Merry christmas man, we need to give eachother a break, we both have sacrificed, I just hate to hear anyone feel sorry for themselves, and i guess i thought you were feeling that way, i misread you and i should have not reacted the way i did. Hang in there, it gets better, or so they tell me. I guess in a way hadji won sort of.

rangers (12/16/2011 5:28 PM)

i dont go to fort roots anymore, they cant help, pills arent cutting it, but im sure there is someone over there who cares about what they do, just havent found one yet. we need to give eachother a break i guess, we get enough shit from everyone else. I cant talk to anyone who has never been there, so i keep it to myself. I gotta learn how to stop hatin i guess

rangers (12/16/2011 6:02 PM)

enjoy the kids while they are young, you turn around and they dont need you anymore, or you come back three years later and you dont recognize them anymore, and they dont know who you are either. I would give anything to go back and rethink my decision, my mind and body would prob say stay here and dont get involved, but anger makes you do things you prob wouldnt do normally.

Proud Vet to the Ranger (1/9/2012 2:13 PM)

Been a while since we talked man. Hell yea, let's give each other a break. Hope you guys had a good holiday season! Tried to call VA today and couldn't get in till March. Crazy shit. You take care too. Rangers lead the way.

Proud Vet to the Ranger (1/9/2012 2:20 PM)

I feel ya man. Anger is apart of the daily routine around here. They didn't win. We still get to live here with our families and rooting for them Hogs! Can't say that for those MOFO's in crazyland! Take care man.

Vet to Phil (1/20/2012 10:59 PM)

Nothin wrong with me? Racist POS. You think people from the middle east smell like frito corn chips? Typical Republican. You guys are too tough and smart for guys like me. Are you a baptist too? God would want you to hate muslims because that is the Christian way right?

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