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I Am A Cowboy

12/13/2011 1:17 PM

I am a Cowboy fan. I got a beat down this morning on The Show with No Name for my comments on the Dallas Cowboys. That's OK though. I can take it. Although I think a few of the remarks were off base.  I have backed off of the Tony Romo hate somewhat. He has been playing well that last 4 or 5 games but, I'm talking 'bout the last 4 or 5 years! Take a look at this man.  Rob Ryan is his name. Rob is the Deffensive Coordinator. He is the one that is making me want to pull someones hair out. Not mine 'cause I need all I can get. This guy wants to be a head coach someday. The way things are I can only hope that he coaches a team in the NFC East so that when we, the Cowboys, play him it's an easy couple of wins!....GOOSFRABA....GOOSFRABA! Now get a load of this fella. Jerry Jones. You may know him as the owner of the Cowboys. I know him as the guy that is really in the way of the success of our team. Now don't get me wrong. He spent his hard earned millions to purchase the team but, he did it for you and me right? Right. There has to be a way that we as fans can get to Mr. Jerry and convince him to hire a FOOTBALL GM and let that guy, yea I said guy not gal, have control over the hiring and firing of the coaches and players as said such GM sees fit. It may be tough since Jerry does infact hold the paper on the team. I believe if he does take this very hard step our beloved Dallas Cowboys will infact get back to the top of the world as Americas Team where everyone loves or hates them and not feel sorry for them. Or worse yet, not even care what happens! GOOSFRABA....GOOSFRABA!!

I say all of that to say this. Thank you so very much for being a part of the show today.  We had a good time with some other than Razorback talk.  With the Hogs in limbo until the first week of the new year it was about fun and games this morning. Match Game and the exciting new game that is sweeping the nation and that all the kids love, 'Do You Hear What I Hear?' You have to listen because, the winner can take home a prize vauled somewhere between $1.00 and $1,000,000.00!! 

 During breaks in the show, David and I will step outside and practice our Christmas Karaoke song. If you come along and see or hear us do me a favor please. Say what you eill about the singing but, please, please refrain from commenting on Bazzel's hair. It's not growing back like he wants or it should for that matter and he is getting concerned. It looks a little like Arnold in Red Heat only not as combed. Just be kind to my buddy will ya?

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