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12/21/2011 10:33 AM

 With all due respect to the late voice of the Cubs, Harry Caray, Holy Cow! This morning on The Show With No Name it was just David, myself, and RJ Hawk. Well, we had a caller that wanted to know where Tommy was today. Or the Bandit as it were. Before we could tell him, he told us what he thought of us. Ratchet Jawed was I believe the phrase he used. Now he peppered it up with a pronoun that can not be used on this here blog. I wish that man a Merry Christmas.

  Steve 'WildMan' Wilson and Trey came up to give you some last minute gifts ideas. David asked the question of our favorite Christmas memory and boy oh boy did they all get big ticket items! RJ got a gun. That's should be against the law. David got himself a commercial grade pool table. Trey had a sealed can that he needed a can opener to reveal game tickets to the 1978 Orange Bowl 'Wild Man' followed a string outside one year to find a glass bottom boat Another year he had a horse in the front yard. A Horse!! Good for all those guys. They most assuredly deserved the gifts. I on the other hand received many toys as a youth and promptly took them down the street and left one of my gifts on the porch or steps of each house in the neighborhood until I had no more gifts to give.

 Here's Lindy! Mrs. Lanford made her way into the studio this morning. Just like David Bazzel and me at Christmas Karaoke, Lindy and I had a little hiccup in our relationship. Now listen, listen! (for James Ballentine) I'm sure we're gonna be fine. She's the best and I hope she forgives me.

 Today is my youngest child's birthday. My Meredith turned 21! It is she more than genetics that has given me my gray hair. The guys allowed me to call her this morning. She is my little ASU Red Wolf and I'm so very proud of her and blessed that I have that little girl in my life. I know she's 21. It doesn't matter how old she becomes. She will always be my baby girl. Happy Birthday baby sister!

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