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Merry Christmas

12/22/2011 11:41 AM

It was The Show With No Name Christmas Show II. That's because yesterday Tommy was off and David was here. Wednesday was David's official Christmas Show and I did today's with only Tommy. I'm like Rickey Bobby's kids....Two Christmases!

 We had a fun morning. Hope you enjoyed it. Matt 'Big Baby' Travis did an exceptional job as producer this morning. 'Big Baby' has captured pretty much the whole show. So if you want to hear it again, missed some of it, or just want to play it and say "you suck" one more time before the holidays, this blog is for you!

 If you are stumped on a couple folks for Christmas. Get un-stumped in Conway. Liz with EM Jeans called in today.

We had Stormy, Audrey, and James from Juanita's bring us cheese dip and fajitas to munch on. Dee Dee with Ava Bella gave away a couple of 2 1/2 hour massages. One was through a game of Stupid Question. During that time Tommy had a minute of Bible Talk with the Kids. You think that's funny? How about Porky Pig singing Blue Christmas! Staying in the game mode it was a round of Ram the Rog, using TV Theme Shows. Speaking for myself, I was amazing1 Two complete shutouts. Don't give me too much credit. I can't tie a slip knot.

 During one segment, Tommy was able to get in The Trilogy. Now get a tissue for this one. If it doesn't put you in a thankful, blessed mood, I don't know of anything else that could. You have the tissue? OK go ahead and listen.

 Now we get to some of the most requested stuff this season. From Chuck Berry to Dragnet Christmas. I even tried to figure out the days of conception for my children and sister. Not necessarily in that order. This segment also included Charlie Brown Christmas and Vince Vance and the Valiants.

 Not only did we have the Chipmunks.  Ernie called back in to the show this morning.

                                 *Update- HERE is the new Ernie call!

 We were able to play a bit I did with my very good friend, Dewey Ray 'Monkey Man' Chisum. Monk and I recorded this just a couple of months before he passed. It's just shy of 2 years. "Oh Yea The Monk"! 

We'll be back on the air Tuesday, the 27th. Thank you for hanging with us today.

                             MERRY CHRISTMAS

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