The Show With No Name

Loaded Hump Day

12/28/2011 10:23 AM

The Show With No Name does indeed miss current, regular, producer, RJ Hawk.  I mean look at that face. But, Matt 'Big Baby' Travis has given me more audio for you to enjoy again or for the first time if you missed it during the show, than I have a right to ask for.  RJ I know you are reading this so, can't you just work with Big Baby a little and take some direction from him as well as aid him in things you are more familiar? I love you guys. Can't we all just get along? Let us not waste a bunch of time talking about it when you can hear it.

 Tommy was back today and it marked the first time all three of us have been in the studio together in over a week. Always a treat to hear what happened to the Outlaw when he is away.

  'Wild Man' Steve Wilson brought in Clifton and they wanted to discuss the whattado with that live Christmas tree that you just don't need any longer. You know, since Christmas is over. My how soon we forget.'Wild Man' as also took calls with your concerns of deer flash mobs and geese among other things.

 The newest Mrs. Lanford came in one last time in 2011. She helped with Tommy's questions about items on sale before and after the holiday. Lindy had to sit in while we discussed some Dallas Cowboys issue as well as give us last minute details on what's coming up the next couple weeks. We had a very close round of Battle of the Sexes. I think we just gave 'em both first place prizes. Know need to thank us, it's what we do.

 Here is a a nice little piece of Super Bowl trivia Tommy through out. Use this the next time need a quick buck. Of course you will have to call in and ask what all the answers were.

 It was time for a little Pop Culture. As most things do that happen on The Show With No Name, a morphing takes place. It got us into favorite, great, or noted Black actors during our time. It took us awhile before we even thought of Eddie Murphy.  

David is on the list of people that get information before the unwashed masses. Don't feel bad.We need him on that wall! We want him on that wall! He was sent from The Hill the 2012 Razorback Football schedule. 

We are back in the studio tomorrow for the last time in 2011. It should be a party.

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