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1/9/2012 11:04 AM

How 'Bout Dem Hogs! The Show With No Name made it back from Dallas and The Cotton Bowl in one piece. Oh you better believe it could have been a different story. Especially if Jeff Carlisle had reared his ugly head.  Big bad David Bazzel was doing what he does at the Bobby Petrino Live Show at the Hilton Anatole. Letting everyone know what was about to happen. Only David is not The Amazing Kreskin and could not have predicted what happened at our first break.  Tommy Smith had a laugh with the head Hog. Problem was Coach Bobby wasn't laughing. Hopefully B.P. will not have a heart attack before winning a national championship with the Razorbacks. He needs to lighten up a little. If I may borrow from ESPN.....Come On Man!  We all got with Mr. Steve Jonnson and discussed our next move. That was easy. It was on to bed and then kick it up at Sherlock's.  Sherlock's is home away from home for Buzz listeners and Razorback fans.  I was able to spend time with a legend at the Cotton Bowl.  I also got to see Frank Broyles!  Why do I look like Franks' older little brother? Just lucky I guess!

Well, with the holidays over, it was back to normal. What ever that means. One thing it does mean is that Harry King brings himself into the studio on Cottondale Lane.  Harry was looking better than I remember in a long time.

 It was probably the last the Razorback Graffiti for the year. Unless we do it during basketball season. That's not likely. A loss brings out the better calls I believe. That's 'cause haters are funnier than lovers. Yea I said it.

 Trip Trap Trey Schapp has been away from home so long I started looking good to him at dinner in Dallas. That's what I heard anyway. No worries. He travels to watch the round-ball Hogs play mid-week in Mississippi and then can make his way back to the Natural State. But, that's not before he reports for The Buzz down in The Big Easy at The National Championship game. 

 Let's hear it for the boys. No not the team in Dallas. The one that is still in the playoffs headquartered in Colorado. A little Highlights in a Jaro......Wild-card style!

 Oh man! I almost forgot about the big, big, big, giveaway. The Show With No Name will be giving you a chance to win a pair Jimmy Buffett concert tix. Parrot Heads will invade Verizon Arena March 1st. If you want free tix, be listening for your chance to win each day this week. The Stupid Question of the Day gave away the first pair this morning. Not without controversy of course. How do I continue to get myself in these messes! Just lucky I guess!

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