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So Let It Be Done

1/10/2012 11:26 AM

Last night was the last game of the college football season. OK, OK, I know there is some sort of East-West lets get one more look at these guys in a game before we spend millions in the draft, game. But, for all practical purposes the 2011-2012 NCAA football campaign is done. The Buzz man on the street  Trey Schaap called in to file his final report from The Crescent City. 'Bama is your new National Champion. The Arkansas Razorbacks didn't do too bad either this year. We, that's right, WE, finished 5th in the entire world of college football. What do ya think of that, Spanky?!  

 I am so proud to be a part of The Show With No Name. Especially when we are able to help others. Take for instance 'Tiger Bait'. He called in to the show this morning and ate his bowl of crow like a man. He actually almost appeared to be human like.


 We were able to get a round of Chances Are in this morning. I realize it's Tuesday and Harry King is not on the show today but hey, we had a few questions that needed immediate attention. Use 'em or lose 'em is what I always say. I never say that.

  Have you seen this man? Well, you can at Verizon Arena on March 1st.  Jimmy Buffett is coming to Arkansas and all his Parrot Heads are excited. I really can't tell who is more excited about his arrival, Tommy Smith or Michael Marion? Their like kids at Christmas they are so juiced. It's like they're adults but sound like baby kids, to use an RJ Hawk term. Kinda reminds me of those TV spots where the adults sound like youngsters wanting to take a bite out of the others food. What is that commercial about? is it Fire House Subs? I guess I haven't seen it the 6.2 times yet to remember it. Anyway, we gave away another pair of tickets to the concert this morning. Listeners had to guess the name of each Buffett song in a 5 song montage. It's called Name the 5 songs in this Buffett montage game.  We'll give 1 more pair away Thursday during Beat the Baz.

 Kenneth "Muskie" Harris, former Arkansas Razorback DB  and current 15 year sober (SAAAAALUTE) community activist, and Mr. Race Maker, Bill Torrey, stopped by the studio to promote the upcoming MLK Jr. 5k Run. The run benefits Sober Living.

We sorta got jacked up on Hostess Cupcakes and Twinkies today. I did anyway. Muskie always brings donuts or something up when he visits. He heard us talking about Hostess having troubled times and thought he would help out their bottom line.  David has started his tuna diet and was just about ready to crack under the pressure before he got back his Eye of the Tiger!

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