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1/12/2012 10:14 AM

The Show With No Name was all about lullaby music this morning. Now, now, before you go all nutty because we are a sports station talking about lullaby songs, we did hit some football.  This weekend all the games are gonna be good to watch. With the exception of say last year with the Seattle Seahawks having a losing record and making the playoffs, they all should be good games this time of year I suppose. And we will be at Oaklawn for the start of racing season tomorrow so, we did talk sports. If you will let me explain about the music please. Thank you. Tommy said he heard the new Jay Z song about his new child with baby mama Beyonce.  Shortly after his infant was born  Saturday, Jay-Z, headed into the recording studio to put his emotions into song with the new track "Glory." In the song — which features the proud papa rapping about "the most amazing feeling" — little Blue Ivy's cries can be heard. That turned into a show lasting bit for us. What song did your mom sing to you and or what song did you sing to your child while rocking. I sang Elvis and  BJ Thomas to my kids. Rock and roll Lullaby is a great song. It is to me anyway. I happen to like all if not most of his stuff. Everyone knows Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head. How 'bout Mama, Eyes of a New York Woman, or Most of All? No? You have to be old and cool to like these songs then. Yea I said it. You have to be cool. What do ya think of that, Spanky?!


 This is as close to street, that David Bazzel has been in a long, long, time. He tried to display his gangsta side this morning and it was very scary. Before he "went all crazy up'n hurl", we had a game of Beat the Baz for our final pair of Jimmy Buffett tickets.

I haven't felt the best today and after stuffing my face with Iriana's Pizza and a burger form Arkansas Burger Co. I feel no better but, I'm full. So I got that going for me. Which is nice. They brought food in, in conjunction with The Museum of Discovery. A big celebration starting this weekend at the museum and Joel and Libby brought by some fossils and liquid hydrogen. That's more science than I have done in 20 years and probably will never do again. Except for maybe pushing two magnets against each other.

Join us tomorrow as we begin the 5th season. Oaklawn Park opens the 2012 Live Racing Meet and we will broadcast LIVE!  

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