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Mayans May Be Right!

1/16/2012 10:14 AM

The Show With No Name may be an example that the Mayan Calendar may come true. The temperature outside in Little Rock is 70 in the middle of January, Jimmy Buffett is playing at Verizon, and David has tied it up with me in the football picks. The end of the world clue there is that I have been in the lead. Of course, some people say that the reason that the Mayan Calendar shows the end of the world in 2012 because they just ran out of space on the rock they were using.  

 Harry King was in studio this morning. Harry said he knew the Mayan that wrote the calendar and that, that Mayan could not be trusted. We haven't done a Chances Are with Harry in quite sometime so we had and abbreviated edition today.

 UARL is 5-0 in Sunbelt Conference play. Coach Steve Shields called in the show to speak on that. He was in a great mood. That may also be attributed to the fact that he is engaged. Yep that's right. Coach said the main thing is just to stay engaged. I take that to mean engagements can last longer than some marriages.

This will probably be the only place you see the Dallas Cowboys logo other than the team website for 8 months. It may also be the only time you see it here again. I'm a born and bred Cowboys fan. I'm what they use to call a corn popper from way back! The Cowboys do not have their merchandise Made in the USA. I'm trying hard to support as many US companies as I can and this one has me in a mess. I'm seriously considering dropping the only team I have ever cheered for, other than the Razorbacks of course,  and selecting one that does not contract their merchandise to 3rd world countries. These are places that have sweat shop and worse mentalities where the people that make the stuff DO NOT make enough money in an entire month to purchase one item in a Dallas Cowboys Pro Shop!! HELP ME TOM CRUISE!!.....HELP ME OPRAH WINFREY!!

 Starting tonight you can hear a new radio program on the Buzz.  Hill & Schlereth... or is it Schlereth & Hill?  Whatever the case, the random pairing of SportsCenter anchor Mike Hill and NFL analyst Mark Schlereth are debuting tonight on ESPN Radio beginning at 7PM right here on 103.7 The Buzz!.

The Sheik of Bismarck was on this morning with his picks from Oaklawn. Look for the S.O.B on the Homepage. I will give you this one for free.  Race 1) #5 Flexnow......... Race 2) #7 Sweet Clarice.......... Race 5) Longshot #6 Pick Me Up........Race 8) #6 Optimizer

Have a great rest of your day. What's that saying about live today like its your last day or something or other? Well how 'bout just living it like you believe that the Mayans knew what they were talking about! That could get a lot of us in a whole heap of trouble.

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