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1/19/2012 1:08 PM

The Show With No Name was treated to the most wonderful steak around this morning. If it weren't true could I title the blog and start it off about the aforementioned piece of cow? I don't think so! Al Watkins brought in a dozen or so porterhouse steaks for the crew and more this morning. Not a one person said a negative thing about the steaks. As a matter of fact, not a one person did much talking at all while the food was in front of them. That's not so strange other than the simple matter of us being a LIVE radio show! If you have been to The Butcher Shop then you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't been or it's been a while then head over to 10825 Hermitage Road. Tell Al I sent you. If that doesn't get you a good table then mention David Bazzel sent you and put it on his tab.

Check out this smooth transition. If stuffing your food in your face isn't your thing but, stuffing your pet is, then I have the place for you there too!  Daniel Ross of Romance, Arkansas owns Extreme Taxidermy. He has a unique job. He will preserve your pet. Sure he'll do the deer head or duck thing I think . His forte is giving you back your recently departed puppy, cat, bird, and what have you so you can admire Fido, Garfield, and or Tweety for the rest of you natural born life. Who knows, by the time you pas,s maybe it will be legal to do the same to humans and you and your pet can scare the H**L out of your surviving kin folk for years and years. Just leave me the H**L out of it! Anyway, Daniel is the star of his own TV show, Animal Stuffers, on The Animal Planet. It comes on Thursdays at 9:00. We spoke to him about tonight's episode.

Another Arkansan will be on TV soon too.  Pulaski Academy head football coach, Kevin Kelley, will be on an HBO segment next month. He appeared with us this morning to talk about that and a player of his and the attention the young man has brought to the school.

 Coach Steve Shields was on the boob tube himself last year playing in the NCAA Tournament. His ULAR Trojans play tonight and coach hopes to continue their winning ways.


 Frank Fletcher may have been on TV in the past. Lately it's been the horses he owns that have mad the flat screens across the state. Today we heard from him because we were talking about another passion of Franks, the Dallas Cowboys.

 We played a round of Beat the Baz. Sorry but if you missed it I can't help you with that. It was epic! David was challenged a couple two or three times and came from behind to beat his last opponent. Rob called in and said he would slam The Baz in his own game. IT DID NOT HAPPEN! Number 53 strapped it on and showed his strength just like he did against Heisman Trophy winner Bo Jackson.

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