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So Much So Fried!

1/24/2012 10:38 AM

The Show with No Name was all about memories and food today. Maybe not all of it but, we sure did make a reference or two to it and to think Tommy Smith wasn't even on the program this morning. Tommy had coordinated 3 or 4 doctors appointments all in one day. Now that's what I'm talking about!

David did his best to keep the show going as only he can. Never will we run out of topics when number 53 is show planning and prepping.

 First out of the gate was the Cliff Clavin  of all things Arkansas, Rex Nelson. (Cliff was the resident know everything postman on the TV show Cheers for those that have a life outside of the boob tube) We talked about the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame with Rex. Check out his blog at, One of the nominees we spoke about was U.S. Reed. Razorback fans all over the world know what I'm talking about there. It was the first time I remember hearing Paul Eells say Oh My! The Shot is the second greatest made in Hog history only behind Scotty Thurman's in 1994. Not a bad one there either huh?

 It's Academy Award nomination time. Can you think of anyone better for us to discuss that with other than Renee Shapiro? No I don't think so.

 Jimmy Lee called in. Need I say anything more? Again, I don't think so.


 Lisa Cornwell has a web show called So Fried Sports. A very knowledgeable sports person for a girl. Now, now before you get all upset I'm just being a goof. I could learn so much from her. She has hand picked her co-host right out from under The Buzz.  Our very own RJ Hawk and Lisa can been seen daily at . It's very entertaining and informative and if you want to keep up with what's going on in the SEC this is the place for you to go.

 Continuing down memory lane and food with a mid 1970's teenage age boys dream girl, Suzanne Somers. American Graffiti, Three's Company, the Thigh Master, and author appeared with us this morning and really didn't want to leave. Only thing now is I'm too afraid to eat anything!!

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