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1/31/2012 1:26 PM

The Show With No Name was LIVE on location this morning. Tommy, David, and myself, invaded Sherwood, Arkansas and Fletcher Dodge. Before I continue about the remote broadcast, let me first give an 'atta bup' to Trey Schaap. Trey Schaap set the equipment up. Trey sets up better than most. The detail he does behind the scenes goes mostly unnoticed. To see the way he snakes the phone line and extension cord in such a matter with the least amount of usable business walk space is just short of genius. I mean the care he takes in laying down the duct tape over the said such cords so no one with trip, fall, and die should be recognized. For all of that plus the prank he pulled on me today, I say, 'Atta Bup', Trey Schapp.

 Now, back to your regularly scheduled program. We did what we could to give Frank Fletcher his moneys worth today.  GM Mark Miller was on hand before the program started and stayed with us until his sales team brought up contracts that needed his signature. The dealership needed to sell 30 something vehicles to make the month. The end of the month is always a good time for you to put your negotiation skills to work and get the deal you want. 

We had a little Nerf ball competition in the showroom. David brought his Nerf football for a little combine skills test. Actually all we did was try to throw the ball in the window of an open car. That's right! We got paid to throw a ball at probably close to a million dollars in automobiles! Take that Bin Laden! We all came close. That sounds like a guy that didn't get it in. The window! I didn't get it in the window! Such filthy minds.

Speaking about filthy. I am appalled at some of the language that was being used on the Live Fan Feed Back. Good night nurse! I make a comment that if I was at the U of A during David Bazzel's playing days I would have waited for him at the end of the tunnel so he wouldn't be left out of all the Hog victory parties and you , and you know who you are, you go all in hate crime on me. I'm sorry I'm not sorry for being a friend to David.  Make all the jokes you want but, please leave my mother out of it. 

We had another round of Super Bowl Dead or Alive. This is more of a challenge than I thought it would be. Don't get me wrong. It's a good thing. So much a good thing that we now have a sponsor for Dead or Alive. C.I.A. in North little Rock. That's Custom Import Automobiles. Kieth Vardaman specializes in specialty cars. More on that later. All I ask is if you have an automobile problem let him help you. I'm telling you from experience. He saved a relative thousands of dollars. Well he saved me that much too I reckon. That's because I didn't have to give my relative the money to get more unnecessary work done. Tomorrow we will play again.

I don't have any audio from today's show because I guess the server combobulator didn't fuse with the flux capacitor. Every time that happens you can bet an internal virus will disrupt the fensor valve and then its Katie bar the door! Either that or RJ Hawk just didn't feel like doing it.

We're back in the studio tomorrow with Matt Couch and Steve 'Wild Man' Wilson. More surprise as well. I can't tell you more than that because it could be seen as illegal help in winning a prize.

Remember you don't have to buy a new car to be treated like you did. Fletcher Dodge has a wide selection of cars to fit every budget. Just for stopping by and talking with the Fletcher guys you get dinner for two at Benihana Japanese Steakhouse.

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Check everywhere you want but, check with Fletcher Dodge Chrysler Jeep in Sherwood before you make your final decision. You will be glad you did.

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