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2/1/2012 10:49 AM

The Show With No Name was the first to bring you the sad news today. Yes, I'm sorry to say Don Cornelius is dead.  But that's not it. Well it is but it ain't.  Dorial Green-Beckham, the No. 1 overall rated recruit in the country according to Rivals, has committed to Missouri, announcing the news on National Signing Day 2012. Green-Beckham, who played for Hillcrest High School in Springfield, Missouri, chose the Tigers over Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma and Alabama. Razorback fans across the state are finding it hard to breath while their crying. In all fairness that is tough though. If I knew as much about football as most I may be upset too. Lets face it. The kid wanted to stay home. How else could you explain turning down schools like Alabama. OK don't get your under garments twisted in a knot. Then you really would have trouble breathing. But, Arkansas is no Alabama. That's all I'm saying as I bleed my Razorback blood. We had the DGB feed on the show. I've said it before and I'll say it again. How about we set up microphones when some of our youth make the decision to attend the military out of high school? I love football like the next Hog but, a kid that decides to join the United States Armed Forces should be given more cheers and gratitude by us all than one that is playing sports. Really? Yea I said it. I know I will be criticized and talked down to for my statement but on this one I will take all you got. Say it with me........GOOOOOOOOOO AMERICA!!!

 'Wild Man' Steve Wilson and James Manatt were all about the upcoming Crownanza. No, that's a real thing. Did ya know that over cooked Crow taste like burnt popcorn? I like burnt popcorn so what does that say about me.

 Matt Couch brought his sense of humor and respectability (hahahahahahahahahahahah) to the show this morning. I'm kidding, I'm kidding. I think there will be a press conference announcing Matt Couch as the new Director of Promotions later this month. It will not be carried on ESPNU, ESPN, ESPN2, The Ocho or any TV station. As a matter of fact, if the Buzz does carry the announcement it will be between 3 and 3:01 am. I'm just not sure what day. A game of Match Game was played too. All winners all the time on The Buzz!

 We did get KATV anchorreporterlady, Beth Hunt on the phone. She did confirm she will be joining The Buzz Friday morning for The Make-A-Wish fundraiser. 

Oh I almost forgot. Thank you Krazy Mike. MMMMMMMMMMM!

Back in the studio for a Thursday. I believe Mexico Chiquito! again I say......MMMMMMMMMM! 

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