The Show With No Name

Under-Ground Hog Day!

2/2/2012 11:05 AM

 Pennsylvania's Punxsutawney Phil emerged from his lair to "see" his shadow on Thursday, in the process predicting six more weeks of winter. Well, The Show With No Name had it's own version of the century and a half tradition. We had the Under-Ground Hog! I was under the sidewalk of the KATV Studio early this morning and appeared on Daybreak with Melinda, Courtney, and  Chris. I hope to have a couple of photos at a later date. I wish I had them now. Here's the deal. Thanks so much to Richard at KATV for taking a few and sending them to me. It's just I don't know how to make them smaller so that I can upload. Or download. They're sitting in this Christmas computer of mine but, they just won't come out and play. If that's the worse thing that happens today I will be fine. Once again thanks to the Daybreak crew for their help.

While I was out James with Golden Coral brought up some delicious meatballs. After I made it back, Dan with Mexico Chiquito brought up some grub. I know all that food will stretch out the pants by tomorrow night at the Hall of Fame Banquet.

Thursday is Beat the Baz Day. Tommy was feeling it today and played a couple of rounds. Round one started out a little slow because David hadn't had any sleep since the night before. Round two had a little more spunk to it. Well, after listening to these I believe the first one is actually round two. That of course would make the second one, round one. If you're not confused then think about what's going on in RJ Hawk's head. I realize that he has so many jobs and doubt he gets any sleep except during the morning show. I peeked in on him and caught him noddin' off with a tiny bit of the meatball with gravy from Golden Coral on his cheek. It was so darlin'.

I have to get to the dentist so, if ya don't mind I will take off but, I will leave the computer on and let it download the Under-Ground Hog pictures while I'm away.

We are on location in The River Market for the Make-A-Wish fundraiser tomorrow. Please come by or call in a donation. I think you can even give on-line.

Happy Groudhog Day!!!

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