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Super Bowl

2/6/2012 10:08 AM

The Show With No Name did its best to recap the game, commercials, and halftime from last night. There was no doubt that we would. Only thing is we played some music during the show and RJ was singing a song after the show so that's on my mind more than the game. I was at Boston's last night for the watch party so I didn't pay much attention to the screen. I will later today. That's right. I will watch last nights commercials, today. Will it help for show prep tomorrow? No. I just don't want to be left out of today's topic tomorrow. Does that make any sense? No. Do I get paid to make sense? Anyway, RJ was singing The Tokens in the hall. Now it's stuck in my head. Tommy potted up The Main Ingredient when we came back from a break. I remember this one as kid. Okay, so your heart is broken
You sit around mopin'
Cryin' and cryin'
You say you`re even thinkin' about dyin'
Well, before you do anything rash, dig this
The morning show is spit between Madonna and her halftime performance. Tommy and myself liked it and David and RJ panned it. As Tommy said, without Madonna there is NO Lady Ga Ga! Cee-Lo Green was with her on stage at one point. David doesn't like Cee-Lo because his 'Forget You' song really says, oh well, you know what it says. I did not know there was an X-Rated version until David told me there was. I like the edited version. But, yes, the adult version is cool with me too. It's just not suitable for the youngsters. Let's face it. It's been 40 years since I was lumped into the youngster crowd.

 Before I forget. Harry King was in today as per usual. Harry said he was in the hospital for close to 30 hours last week do to food poisoning. I don't doubt that one bit. What I do have doubts about however, is that it was a random thing. You think Harry King is grumpy most times. You should have seen him today. No my friends, I do not think it was an accident. Somebody is trying to send the King a message. Can you say Luca Brasi?

As for the Super Bowl and The New York Giants. Eli Manning was looked at like he was crazy when he said earlier in the season he, himself, was an elite QB. After two championships and two MVP honors awarded to him, who is crazy now. You can't spell ELITE without ELI!!! Congratulations to you Giant fans!

Tomorrow we take a trip down Soap opera lane and start our search for the perfect place to travel Arkansas this Spring and Summer. We'll find some sports in there for ya too.

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