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I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty......

2/9/2012 11:51 AM

 The Show With No Name was LIVE and out and about today. Broadcasting from Ava Bella Day Spay on N. Shackleford. DeeDee and her staff pampered us up this morning. Now, before you start calling names and hating, it was all done in the name of helping you out guys and helping your men ladies.  To the naked ear and eye, this photo may seem like a classic case of Mopey, Dopey, and No Hopey! Au contraire mon ami. This is what Tommy, David, and myself put ourselves through to better serve you.  Sure being on the phone with United States Senator Mark Pryor may have seemed effortless but, it was only because of the talent and experience of Tommy and David that you didn't have more oohs and aahs coming through your speakers during the conversation I promise you. Can I tell you what the Senator spoke to us about? No, not really. I heard something about ducks and stamps or duckstamps. I'm sure it was hilarious though. Go USA!

After the Senator/rub down, it was time for Tommy to get started on his treatment. Ava Bella does it all for guys and dolls. We each had a little something different. Once again, so we could inform you of the many options to choose from at the Day Spa.  The Outlaw opted for a manicure. No way was he gonna let anyone touch those feet. Nor was he about to get undressed with David and me that close by. Man those nails never looked so polished!

  David was a little apprehensive about letting his feet get touched and rubbed. After a trip to the bathroom to wet his hair he relented. He got the obvious done to him. Yes he did get the hot towel treatment to his feet. His main attention was centered on that million dollar face. The old microdermabrasion was giving to Baz. Now I'm sure you're asking yourself what did that do? I'm glad you asked. It gets rid of all the outermost dead skin cells so all we are left with is the pure smooth skin we have come to admire and love on number 53. 

 I took the feet route. Yep. As long as I can remember I've always wanted a good foot massage. Until my kids wised up, I could get away with giving them a solid quarter to rub my feet after a long day of whatever it was I was doing. I kept my clothes on for the media that had at Ava Bella and sat in the most body part vibrating chair in the state of Arkansas. I'm telling you. If this chair missed any part of my neck, back, and butt I wasn't sitting right. Oh please people. Get your mind up out of the gutter! It was worth all the trouble just to have pretty feet.  I figure you agree with me. Thank you.

And THANK YOU Ava Bella Day Spa!!

Tomorrow we are back in the studio to end the week. RJ will be off but leaves the producer duties in the capable hands of Matt 'Big Baby' Travis. Talk atcha then.

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