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Happy Valentines Day!

2/14/2012 10:08 AM

 The Show With No Name was all about some love this morning. Tommy left the house this morning without his yellow pad. No big deal? That's the show on the pad. Not to worry though. Karen was going to bring the pad in on her way to work but, the show took off without it because of the certain holiday we call, Valentine's Day. Cupid filled the room with all the love songs we were told about. Now that I think back, I don't recall a single chick type lady calling in except for my wife and daughter. More on that in a minute. I was pleasantly surprised that REO was mentioned. Not because it's not a good answer by any means. But, because it is a good answer and I get to listen to it and add it on the blog.

OK, about my wife calling. Long story short....I missent a text to David meant for Samantha a few months back with the name Love Lover on it. She called the show this morning and RJ thought she said Swamp Lover! She dadburn near got hung up on. RJ has now ruined a pet name in the making for over 25 years!!

My sweet baby lady, Meredith, called in too.

If you are still in the hunting to get the love lover in your life a Valentine's Day something or other, it's not too late.  We had Diamond State Quartet let you hear what they can do. Man it's a home-run if ya don't mind me saying. They sing, take a photo, and give a rose all for just $50 bucks! Call them at 791-SING. Do it now! Or you could go massage. Dee Dee with Ava Bella brought Julianne and her massage chair. Man that was a fantastic rub. I just love a good rub down anywhere or anytime. It's a great deal for only 100 dollars and it's a couples thing so boom!! You're in with this one too. Get 'er done

 Dead or Alive made it on the program today. It's really kind of weird I think when I cheer for the person playing, "Yea he's dead"! "You're a winner"! But, what are ya gonna do? I mean they're dead and you win. Big thanks to Custom Import Automotive in NLR for sponsoring. 501-804-6186

 It was a fantastic surprise to hear from our lovable telemarketer, Ernie. The guy didn't give us his number to call back but, we had a brief conversation with him. He expressed his anger with not getting the director of promotions job.

Tomorrow we roll into mid-week with 'Wild Man' Steve Wilson and Matt Couch.

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