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It's 29 In Dog Years

2/15/2012 10:40 AM

 It was 3 years ago today that I started working at The Buzz and on The Show With No Name. I'm so proud to be a part of the team I can't find the proper words. I'm not a talker, I'm not a talker. Thank you. You know who you are. I even got a cake in the form of one of the Scott's pets, Snowball, courtesy of David Bazzel. Only The Baz thinks of things like that. I tell ya what, next time you see David Bazzel, tell him thank you for changing my life will ya.  

That leads me to the scare I had this morning. It's starts my 3rd year and tomorrow is electronic deposit payday so, when I get here this morning and see my name taken off of my usual mailbox slot I started to sweat. Really sweat from the fear that I had been let go and they were not concerned with me finding out like that. Tommy and David made a call to the person that knows where all the dead bodies are and the first person I had the pleasure of meeting at the station, Dian Porter-Butterfield. Not only was the mailbox situation remedied, I also have a new office!

 'Wild Man' and Jerry came in this morning toting knives. Bowie knives to be exact.

 On the Couch with Matt is probably one of the fastest hours during the week on the morning show. Matt is in contract talks with the station. He was limited with what he could tell us but, he did say that if he gets an OK from the doctors he will be the starting QB for the Indianapolis Colts next season.  Match Game was a fast and furious but, successful game this morning.

 I went undefeated in Dead or Alive today. It was fun having you try and figure out my strategy. No go baby!

Tomorrow we have a big show. I'm not kidding. There will be several folks that stop by and I can't name them all. I know the Tavern is bringing food. No surprise there huh.  That reminds me. Tommy had to leave early for a Drs. apoointment and couldn't eat all morning long. His appointment was canselled and he just called to tell me that and that he is hungry as , you fill in the blank!

Talk atcha tomorrow.

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