The Show With No Name

Jammed Up And Jelly Tight!

2/16/2012 10:51 AM

The Show With No Name was so packed today it stunk like a dirty gym sock in RJ Hawk's desk drawer! And there is one in there too!


 Dr. Davis, Dr. Scott Davis. Come to the studio, STAT! I was reminded by the doc that smoking is bad and made worse and harder to quit if I wrap my cig in bacon. (Note to self)


 Although we will be at Fletcher Dodge later this month, Mark Miller was dispatched by owner Frank Fletcher to get up to the Buzz studio today and sell some trucks! That of course is in layman terms.

 Nuclear Cowboys or as I refer to them as the nuts that do flips and twists and turns and hang off of their dirt bikes, will be at Verizon this Friday and Saturday but, were in the studio with us this morning. These are the guys that Shane Falco spoke of in The Replacements.


 Back in 1964, John, Paul, George, and Ringo spent 15 minutes one night in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. Charles Snapps and Jim Eubanks were there and lived to tell to us about it this morning. 

 The 2 time winner of the Charles B. Pierce award at the Little Rock Film Festival and Saline Counties favorite son, James Daniel Campbell was on the air with us today. Well, it was a recording of a telemarketing call he received yesterday. He frustrates the guy so much he gets a cussing at the end. Go figure.

 Jared Lee and the Commissioner of Girls Softball in Saline County needed to get the word out for the upcoming season. Where else would they go but on the Buzz. 

 "Value The Ball"  That is the key to a victory for UALR tonight or any night for that matter, according to Coach Steve Shields. He expressed that opinion and more with Tommy, David, and myself while hanging with us.

Last but not least. I snapped at my buddy bup RJ this morning. I feel bad because, that's not like me and worse, he didn't deserve it. I apologized and he accepted. As Doc Holiday said in Tombstone, " There, now we can be friends again."

Tomorrow we are live at Oaklawn Race Track.   

Remember you don't have to buy a new car to be treated like you did. Fletcher Dodge has a wide selection of cars to fit every budget. Just for stopping by and talking with the Fletcher guys you get dinner for two at Benihana Japanese Steakhouse.

Check out THIS WEEKS deals. 2009 Toyota Carolla Sport, 34 mpg, 45k miles, only $14888.

Or this 2011 Kia Forte 2 door Coupe, brilliant red, great gas mileage, just $16997
Check everywhere you want but, check with Fletcher Dodge Chrysler Jeep in Sherwood before you make your final decision. You will be glad you did.

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