The Show With No Name

Visitation And Game Day

2/23/2012 1:21 PM

The Show With No Name played a few games and was visited by many people today. Different walks of life such as,  Jason Pederson, the Horatio Cain of KATV Ch. 7. If there is an injustice out there don't you get too slick, because mean Jason will hunt cha down! You get some money from an elderly lady to pave her driveway and skip town before the job is complete or even started and you will have Jason knocking on your door buddy ruff! He'll have a story on this evenings news about a couple, Terry and Tessa Rettick, that are involved with purchasing the storage units of people that have abandoned the units and or have stopped paying the monthly fee.

 Larry 'Poo' Betz stopped in to remind us of a Kick Ball game to benefit Youth Home going on at Dickey Stephens this Saturday.

 Thursday in any language is Beat the Baz day. David Bazzel put on another display of his strength in music knowledge. Oh sure he was down at one point 0-3 in the scoring but, the man that loved to be the Bull in the Ring in football practice, also, displayed another one of his strengths, the will to win!

 You asked for it and you got it today.......Dead or Alive!

 We had a visit from Meredith Scott. Yep. That Meredith Scott. She was brought up by Josh Smith. Yep. That Josh Smith. Josh is attending UALR and Meredith is attending ASU. both of them towards a career in broadcasting. Go figure huh. Josh is currently working with at KATV as an intern for Steve Sullivan and Meredith with be joining him in the same capacity at the end of the current school year. I would be remiss if I didn't say that her brother Zac,  starts getting some experience with Ed Buckner at KTHV Ch.11 tonight as a matter of fact. He attends Mississippi State with aspirations of being a meteorologist. Last, but certainly not least. I only have one more child so, I have to share with ya. Their older brother Eric works for a living as a Directional Driller in the oil fields of Texas. SALUTE Speaking purely on a biased basis, I think Tommy Smith and myself are very blessed and lucky dads. 

 Oh yea! I almost forgot! The Hogs take on The Alabama Crimson Tide tonight!! GO HOGS!!!

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