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Friday, I Love You!

2/24/2012 10:11 AM

The Show With No Name was flying in the missing man formation today. DB just used some PTO. He did not, I repeat did not, get engaged last night and fly to Vegas to get married.  Number 53 took the day to get ready for The Home Show at Verizon Arena. Baz will kick off the festivities at 4 pm.

 While David was away we needed to fill the show up with content. One avenue was to invite a new football team from Little Rock in the studio. The all girl Arkansas Banshees Women's Tackle Football team to be exact! I tried to put the swim move Bazzel taught me on their 6'3" 280 pound offensive linemen. Or line-person if that offends youIt turns out I need to work on my mechanics. That chick put the hurt on me with her shoot the hands technique.

 An oldie but goodie was brought to the show this morning. Who Are You? It's not the NBC TV show where celebs trace their family history. This is ...well....just take a listen. I'll see ya in the next paragraph.

OK. You like that stuff? Yea me too.

 Our friend from way back, Kieth Vardaman of Custom Import Automotive, is now our official NASCAR go to guy. KV called in to get us straight on this Sundays race.

 The Hogs lost to Alabama and UALR went down in OT to North Texas last night. Because we don't have a number to anyone associated with the U of A, we turn to coach Steve Shields for our college basketball recap. That's not the only reason we talk to Coach Shields. He has a great sense of humour and puts up with our crap so, that helps.

 The Tuff Man (Woman) Contest is coming to town in a couple 2 or 3 weeks and the lady behind the whole shebang, Lydia, was in the house with us this morning. I have never, ever, ever, never, thought I wanted to try my hand at this event. I get beat up enough on Live Fan Feedback. All you, would be, Philo Beddoes that want to though, can call 1-800-TUF-GUYS for more information than we gave you today.

 The 'Rassler and The Chinese Gangster of Love,  joined us for an impromptu gathering in The Buzz studios.

 My main man The Realist called with a bit of disturbing information where, The Man is using Black History Month to make that almighty dolla dolla bill! 

That's it! I can't take it anymore. Have a great weekend! Talk 'atcha Monday.

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