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Loaded Tuesday

3/20/2012 1:48 PM

The Show With No Name was anticipating the information that The Weather Ninja was going to tell us this morning about the storms headed our way today. He usually gives us a ring between 6:20-6:30 each day. But, with it being really bad stuff gunning for us this time, we figured we needed to find out sooner. So, who better than our very own Weather Wookie, Damon Poole! The gentle giant came in and said he expected us to get the beginning of the rain between noon and 5pm. Tommy took that to mean 3pm. I say whether it rains before that time, after that time, or if it never rains again, I'm not saying a word to Weather Wook. A nicer guy you will never meet. But, just look at the size of that man!

 Long time listener, first time business owner Lindy Lanford made an early appearance. She was not their complaining of her omission from the local bracket. Lindy stopped by to renew friendships and speak about the Grand Re-Opening of her Bridal Cottage.

There are two things that bring the local TV personalities to the studio. One is if they are having their Sweeps Week. The other is the Babe Bracket. Today we were not disappointed.  Current champ and Fox 16 anchor Donna Terrel called the program. Donna can and will play our reindeer games as good as anyone.

KATV Ch. 7 was not about to be out done or left out. We had a surprise visit from 1/3 of Daybreak's team, Alyson Courtney.  Alyson was accompanied by one of her producers and current RJ Hawk person of interest, Allyson Johnson. If that wasn't enough, and you know with us being pigs it wasn't, Beth Hunt was waiting for us on the super secret hot-line.  Today is Beth's birthday. We did our best to not ruin it with our singing to her. I don't think we were too successful though. It also gave Beth a chance to keep her name fresh for the competition. Not bad thinking on her part huh?

 With Lindy with us today I thought it might give a chance to play a round of Battle of the Sexes. She had to leave before we got to it but, with the bevy of beauties we had at our disposal, we were able to squeeze in one not long after she departed. Susan and Trim Man were our contestants and although I nearly screwed the pooch on this round, they both walked away winners.

 Tommy ran into Rasslin' Man last night. (I didn't ask where) Seems Rasslin' Man was upset about a few things so, Tommy invited him up to the studio. They both had a few things to get off their chest and bark.

 The youngest member of my family and current ASU student is on Spring break this week in Destin. I normally keep tabs on Meredith thru facebook and texting but, today I didn't have to do more than answer the phone. She just called to let me know that she and her three traveling friends were doing A OK.

Krazy Mike may be up to feed us in the morning. I never know for sure until I smell the food coming out of Kieth Carters office. 'Wild Man' Steve Wilson and Matt Couch will make the Wednesday show. I can't tell ya whether or not any of the Babe Bracket players will be in the studio. I can tell ya that if any do show up I won't mind it one stinkin' bit!

Talk atcha tomorrow.

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