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3/21/2012 11:21 AM

 Tommy Smith took the day off from The Show With No Name to finish up the foundation on the deck he is building in his back yard. He said the tricky part was the levels and chalk line. He had no worries leaving his show in the very capable hands of David Bazzel. The Baz was not the least worried 'cause he knew having a full house would keep me from screwing things up so he let me tag this morning. 

 Every Wednesday starts off with Mr. Arkansas Outdoors, Steve 'Wild Man' Wilson. OK, OK. Every Wednesday starts out like the rest of the week with Weather Ninja. You know what I mean. I can't believe I even have to explain it to ya. Let us move on please.  So, this morning 'Wild Man' brought with him the coordinator for The Arkansas National Archery in the Schools Program, Curtis Gray.

 The most eligible bachelor in his office at Signal Media, Matt Couch, made his way into the Rush Satellite Studios bearing all the information about the upcoming events centered around The Buzz. Some info included golf, Buzz BQ, and one mentioned off the air that you are not suppose to know about, skydiving. SKYDIVING!! That will be either confirmed or denied in a couple week. 

 What would a Wednesday be without a round of Match Game? Exactly. Well it was almost disastrous. Tommy is the leader of that game and always has the words picked out prior to the show. David thrust it upon me and after a brief Glen Campbell moment, I came thru for the team. But, just so you know. I was screaming in my head movies!

It was halftime on The Show With No Name and time for a snack. Krazy Mike came to the rescue. Too bad David has soo much will power. He missed out on burgers, red beans and rice, hush puppies and much much more.

The Babe Bracket continued today even in Tommys absent. And boy howdy it continued in a big way!  From THV This Morning, Ashley Blackstone and Alyse Eady. The two ladies appeared to have a good time. I know That David and I had a great time having 'em up and hope they don't wait so long before we see 'em again. Now, don't get me wrong. They had fun but, Ashley and Alyse were taking the Babe Bracket very serious. They wanted to start getting some love like KATV gets. That's an easy one to remedy. Come on back up. And, they both were there to get the votes for one of their co-workers/buddy, Meredith Mitchell. Not only did the the THV morning team give Meredith some help, I think they gave her the boost she needed to up-end KATV anchor,  Beth Hunt! Oh ye baby boy! You read me right. Mitchel took out Hunt! Tomorrow, both Alyse and Ashley have games. We shall see what we shall see. Regardless of the outcome of those games or the whole bracket for that matter, I hope Ashely and Alyse come back to the station. And next time maybe bring some of their friends.

Tomorrow is Thursday. What? If I told ya everything about tomorrow you wouldn't be surprised. That's what I thought.

Talk atcha tomorrow.

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