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Gravely Tour 2012.....Let The Games Begin!

3/23/2012 11:49 AM

Live from Sheridan, Arkansas!! A member of the Redneck Capital of Arkansas Hall of Fame. The Show With No Name was proud as punch bowl cake to get the Spring Gravely Mower Tour 2012 started. We do not have to eat for the rest of the day after a trip to Sheridan. A great representative of the town folk prepare food the night before and during our broadcast to make sure the Buzz team has plenty to eat. As a side note, I tend not to floss until after 2 or 3. That way I can get in a late lunch of ribs and such. But, That's just me. We were not disappointed this morning at MPE, Inc. Ross Mote, owner of MPE Inc., his family and staff were very friendly and inviting. We were there to remind you that the cuttin' season is upon us and MPE Inc. is a proud representative of Gravely Mower Co. MPE has mowers and so much more that, if you need anything to cut, trim, hedge, mulch, or yada yada yada your lawn, and call Sheridan, Arkansas your go ta town town, MPE Inc. at 104 South Arkansas St. is the only stop you will make all year long. With all the rain just this week accompanied by the warm weather today and this weekend, it will be a big day for mowing. Wrote a song about it. Want ta hear it? Here it go!   I've said it once and I'll say it again.......With this Gravely I don't have to do the cuttin'. That's what my middle boy does these days.

 Louis Campbell, former Arkansas Razorback player, assistant, and current head man at the Sheridan Yellow Jackets High School, stopped by to chat with Tommy and David. Oh he did give me a glance or two but, he could see I was busy with 1 of the 3 shake and bake pork chops I would consume at the time.

 This morning we had Will Ferrell!

There's nothing else I can say about that. Except to say there is nothing else I can say about that. Anyway, WILL FREAKIN' FERRELL!!

Have a great weekend!

It's time to floss up!!

Talk atcha Monday.

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