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3/26/2012 3:11 PM

 This is Harry King. My Monday morning pal on The Show With No Name. It was brought to my attention that it was brought to Harry's attention about some of my musings. Yes, I know more often than not some may have misconstrued the comments made on this here blog about the Dean of Arkansas Sportswriters to be less than flattering. The truth is far from that. I enjoy Harry immensely. Now I would be a liar if I didn't say that at times he can be crotchety. Come on man! Sittin' by me and me asking questions that he believes his granddaughter should know the answer to may be frustrating to Harry. I'm just trying to keep his blood flowing so it doesn't clog up on him and he pass out in front of me. I hope this may in some small part begin to clear up some misconceptions about how I feel about the man. If nothing else, I chewed up enough time to get paid for this blog.  

 With Harry and Monday comes a round of Chances Are.

 We had special guest Jeff Hildebrand and Lauren Landers in studio this morning. They wanted to tell us about the XXI Egghibition supporting Youth Home. It's March 30th at The Jack Stephens Center. We have a couple tix to give away before the event. Maybe tomorrow or the next day. I'd say its 70-30 that we give 'em away before the event. And hey! That's pretty good!

If anyone knows what's wrong with my new Christmas laptop, I sure could use some help from ya. I'll tell ya 'bout it sometime. It's acting up so as to not let me give you the rest of the audio from today's show here. Specifically, Chances Are and The Eggshibition discussion. You can hear that and so much more from all the shows if you go to the Homepage....hit the Buzz Hub and then audio gallery. You can do that everyday if'n ya want. I like to put all The Show With No Name audio in the blog. Just a little something I like to job man!

That's it then. Gonna watch the movie I DVR'd early this morning. 1973 White Lighting. That's right....Gator McKlusky!!

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