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Tuesday Topic Took Off

3/27/2012 11:21 AM

This morning on The Show With No Name, Tommy Smith commented that he heard, and agreed with, the school with the greatest athletes was and is Stanford University. The campus is located on the San Francisco Peninsula, approximately 37 miles from San Francisco. It was also home to  John Elway and  Tiger Woods. Elway took the Broncos to 5 Super Bowls and winning 2 in a 15 year career. That's more than just fine and dandy for sure. But, it's the push of Tiger Woods laying claim to the greatest golfer of all time that helps give the nod to the Stanford Cardinals. In all fairness it was not The Outlaw that came up with the claim. He heard others talking about it and brought it to the show this morning and that took care of Tuesday March 27th on The Show With No Name.

There were so many from other schools around the country that consisted of other sport combos. Kansas had Gayle Sayers and Wilt Chamberlain. Navy Had Staubach and David Robinson. The man that Tiger woods is in the shadow of as the greatest is Jack Nicklaus from, The Ohio State University. Not to mention that other alumni include, Olympics gold medalist Jesse Owens, and cager John Havlicek. The first 3-time player of the year in Big Ten Basketball history, Jessica Davenport. Also, note that Ohio State football players have combined for seven Heisman Awards including the only two-time winner Archie Griffin! OSU surely has to be in the conversation on this one. Yes I know that if The Buckeyes had been forthright and had some integrity, the Razorbacks would have beat them in the Sugar Bowl a couple of years ago on the field and not just in the asterisk marked record books. But, whose still bitter and petty over that right?  And besides all that, with David Bazzel on our side as an Arkansas Razorback, screw the rest of the schools!  

Tomorrow on the show, Steve Wilson and Matt Couch. Now that's a combo! I'll talk atcha ya then.

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