The Show With No Name

Beat The Baz!!

3/29/2012 10:55 AM

The Show With No Name was LIVE and on location today in Bryant, Arkansas.  Population

13, 2........SAAAAAALUTE! The 2 is Tommy Smith and David Bazzel. I'm already counted. As a matter of fact it will be the same tomorrow. Not just in Bryant but, darn near the same parking lot! Today though, we were at the new AG-PRO location on the east bound side of Interstate 30. In between Exits 123 and 126. Thanks to AG-PRO consultant Chip Hoffman for convincing Rob Long to let us set up camp today. There is video and still shots of me scrunchin' in the wheels, laying down in the buckets, and having a rope around me and being swung by the scoop of a John Deere machine.

It is Thursday and that means Beat the Baz. Only when we are on the road it is a little more difficult for all involved so, we usually skip it. Not so fast my friend. David was up for the challenge, RJ Hawk had the songs ready to go, and Tommy said, " Play it. I don't give a **** !!" So we did. Upon further review, I remembered why we don't play that on the road! Even the first caller/contestant Dave got so fed up with the game he just up and left. That wasn't gonna stop the Show With No Name. No sirree Bob! We wanted more. Besides, RJ had another round he had planned. So, off to the phones we go and.....BOOOM! Phil joined the fray and it's Beat the Baz Part Deux!

Then comes the newest addition of Beat the Baz. It's when I start telling a story and see that look in David's eye where I lost him and he stops listening. It seems it's very hard for him to hear what I have to say because he is LAUGHING SO HARD!! We were talking about baseball and the Babe Ruth connection to Hot Springs.  Population 35,193.......SAAAAAALUTE! Anyway, I began to tell a Ruth story about how and why the  Bambino and  Lou Gehrig didn't get along for so many years. Then, Trey Schap starts snickering about something he saw on facebook and David catches Tommy with a blank look on his face and that's when Baz had all the confirmation he needed to start his bulling of little old defenseless me!  At that point, I stormed away from the broadcast table and had to be consoled in the ladies bathroom. After I regained consciousness, my first thought was to BEAT THE BAZ!

The David Bazzel local Babe Bracket finalists contacted us at different times via phone this morning. First up was The Pine Bluff Babe, Melinda Mayo It was not long before we heard from the Carlisle Cutie herself, Beth Hunt.      

Remember that tomorrow we are back in Saline County. This time at the new Geared-Up store.

OK that's enough for today. I have an appointment with a therapist.


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