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4/2/2012 11:10 AM

 The Show With No Name is never one to brag about being this or that. No sir. Humble is the name most associated with Tommy Smith and David Bazzel. Modest, mild, and respectful also can be used to describe the morning crew too. Why as a young boy growing up in Hot Springs, numerous times I myself have been called those things with even a shy, soft-spoken, yet simple young man thrown in the mix. No. It's true. That being said, it gives me no immediate satisfaction saying that it was indeed The Buzz Show With No Name that broke the story live about head Hog Bobby Petrino in a motorcycle accident early evening Sunday. The, crack staff at The Buzz, led by Trey Schaap, was up past midnight tracking down the story. It was not an easy task with the day being April Fools Day. But, the hard nosed and dedicated Schaap got the confirmation. And, in the wee hours of April 2nd, double checked one last time before giving PD Justin Acri the wink, nod, and The Sting swipe across the nose sign. It was then that Trey Schaap called the hotline from his hot tub this morning. If it were not for the gentle, self effacing, and demure personalities that grace the airways at Signal Media, this would be a great time to pounce on Harry King being scooped.  Not gonna do it! Was there a local station that tried to prove it was an April Fools joke and had to delete their comments from their website so as not to lose credibility? Yes there was. But, you will not, I repeat, will hear about that here. Too unpretentious here folks. So lets not lose sight on the whole matter and tell you that the coach is in stable condition and is expected to make a full recovery. That is great news. I have met him only a couple of times. The last place I saw him was at the Cotton Bowl. I hope he didn't see me. That was the Slo-Mo Cheap Shot incident with Tommy Smith. Anyway, I'm sure that the first chance Bobby P. gets in front of a microphone he will crack a joke or two about the incident. He may also be a spokesman for motorcycle safety in the near future as well. Get well coach. All Arkansas has you and your family in our prayers.

The finals of The Babe Bracket is tomorrow. We may also have a Bishop in studio. Talk atcha then.

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