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4/9/2012 1:49 PM

The Show With No Name was not going to have just another Monday in sports with Harry King.  Oh Harry was in a good mood, even after the long drive back from Augusta. Why wouldn't he be? He just drove back from Augusta! And don't you think that Harry King didn't chime in on the Bobby Petrino incident. Or as it has been labeled, The Feces hitting the Oscillator with the Petrino/Razorback Family, incident!!  Hey is it me? Or is Coach Petrino wearing the Sugar Bowl cap to remind us of where he took our team? Nah. I'm thinking too hard.

 The toughest job in our state today, has got to be that of AD Jeff Long. No matter what his decision for Bobby P., it will not be popular with half the state. I am assuming of course that half of us like Petrino and half of us do not. For reasons that just make it more simple for me to grasp, I do not count the Nutt lovers separately. I lump them with the Petrino dislike-rs. Look it. I've made it clear in the past that I want the Hogs to win a national championship every year and then play the Dallas Cowboys in the Super Bowl. Alternating victories each time of course. Coach Petrino does not need my forgiveness in this matter. He has enough to worry about with the Mrs. I truly believe that Jeff Long is capable of making the best decision for the program. And isn't that where his sole loyalty should be? I think so. Nothing more and nothing less. Also, whatever happens to Jessica D. won't be the worse thing in the world. I think she will be fine. She also made a huge error in judgement and should be forgiven and given a second chance. This again is just my opinion. All bets are off when it comes to Mrs. Petrino's feelings in Jessica's case as well.  

 Tomorrow we are scheduled to have Arkansas State Red Wolves head man Gus Malzahn in studio. Coach Gus was to be our guest weeks ago along with his QB Ryan Aplin so, don't read anything into his appearance. Now I suppose you could read something into it if they are a no-show. Stranger things have happened. (See Above) David thinks I'm pulling for Coach Malzahn for the U of A gig. I am completely against it, today! ASU deserves better than to have him leave.  I want Gus to continue what Hugh Freeze did and so much more for the Red Wolves. The first person that came into mind for me to replace Coach Petrino, if indeed he resigns or gets asked to do so, was Garrick McGee.  But, then what would that say about him? Heck fire! What does that say about me for wanting him to leave UAB before he coached his first game? Wait! Don't answer that. I already know.

Last but not least.  Arkansas native Ashley McBryde came in from Nashville and joined in on the hot topic. She had to put up with our crap just so she could tell us where she is performing the next couple of weeks in the state. Sticking with the song theme.  RJ Hawk found the latest parody about our coach.

Don't forget Coach Malzahn in studio tomorrow. I hope he doesn't forget.

Talk atcha Tuesday.

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dp (4/9/2012 2:34 PM)

Seems like The Buzz kept Tommy after an episode of lying (hit and run) due to #1 ratings.

Tim (4/9/2012 4:44 PM)

Tommy may have good ratings in some narrowly defined demographic, but his overall ratings are pretty much middle of the pack. He does, however, have a very loyal following-- it just isn't an extremely large following. By Buzz past standards, though, it's a huge following; that's why Tommy wasn't fired last year.

angy phillip (4/9/2012 9:44 PM)

I guess when Pope jon petrino screws up, we gotta drag tommy into it. Have you people not learned to not triangulate the conversation? this is about that lying, greasy, bastard petrino. We gave him a second chance when he came here and he let us down. Im sick of listening to what a piece of trash he is and im not gonna defend his dumb ass anymore. screw him, ill take mediocre over winning and listening to all the bullshit on the tv and radio. turns out he is just another booger eatin moron. answer the call...thats funny, maybe we should change that to answer the question you lying bastard. I think he needs to get the f**k out of arkansas and bring someone else in, he wont be able to recruit anymore so we are done with him. suck it petrino.

Xanex (4/9/2012 9:46 PM)

I miss you Tommy

chris (4/9/2012 9:50 PM)

wow, i couldnt agree more, we paid for that "coach" now people want to tell us not to judge him, you cant judge a book by its cover, ok, but you can tell alot about a man by the company he keeps, and the things he does. I think he has no choice but to fire him. its a no win situation.

chris (4/9/2012 9:52 PM)

I hope that those idiots who are up there making asses out of every hog fan tonight, dont get any national press, they are the minority not the magority. stupid kids trying to save a liar from the fate he brought on himself, ask the penn st kids how that worked out for them, when they pulled for jopa.

chuckles (4/9/2012 9:56 PM)

way to go bobby...way to go!

bobalicious (4/9/2012 9:57 PM)

i gotta take a bobby and wipe my petrino. with a helmet on of course.

phillip (4/9/2012 10:01 PM)

petrino shouldve stuck with dumpster sex with his dog and left the women alone, and whats with the cotton bowl hat, we got beat!

Tamara (4/10/2012 9:54 AM)

Really tired of Tommy and his anti Petrino agenda He takes playing devil's advocate to the extreme. It is quite annoying. Im turning to another channel!

Jason (4/10/2012 1:58 PM)

Hey Phillip, we won the Cotton bowl. Check your facts before you go spouting off.

Tommy has zero business discussing, much less judging, anyone elses shortcomings or mistakes. When Tommy screwed up lots of people gave him second, third, and fourth chances. He needs to shut his trap and show some class.

phillip (4/10/2012 3:47 PM)

Ok sugar bowl, I'm glad that kid used him for a punching bag, he would've got more of the same if I caught him with my fiance!

ed (4/10/2012 3:56 PM)

Did anyone notice the 150 people that turned out to save our coach, I could get five hundred people to show up by having a bbq.

frsnk from grave ridge (4/10/2012 4:06 PM)

Anyone who says this doesnt change the way feel about petrino is either a liar, or a cheater just like him, its human nature to make a "judgement". We ain't sending him to hell. If it looks like shit, and smells like shit, I ain't gotta eat it to know its shit!

henry (4/11/2012 6:17 PM)

Hate to say I told ya so....but I told ya so bitches! After 14 years of lying football coaches, I won't trust the next dickhead they bring in. As long as he wins.

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