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4/15/2012 1:59 PM

The topic this past week on The Show With No Name had been decided by the actions of the former head coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks, Bobby Petrino. What happened on that winding road in NW Arkansas April 1st will never be forgotten. Maybe in 100 years it will be referred to as merely a footnote in the history of the U of A. More people will be writing about the 200th anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic than the sinking of the SS Petrino.  And of course, if the Mayans are correct it won't matter in a couple of months anyway. I'm betting Coach Bobby P. is hoping for that. Me too if my tax guy doesn't get it right this year!!

We had to move and reschedule normal Wednesday guests just to make room for more Razorback topic friendly guests. We had to bump 'Wild Man' Steve Wilson and Matt 'Big Cat' Couch for former Hog All-American,  DE Bruce James  and for Washington Redskin Hog and current ESPN college football analyst,  Mark May. The show that morning called for a Special Edition of Razorback Graffiti!

Thursday rolled around and it seemed like we might be able to slide thru the morning without talk of..... you know what, with a game of Beat the Baz. It was also the day that 'Wild Man' Wilson came by.  The audio to that conversation is not on this blog because, the Governor's office confiscated it. There seems to have been a questionable comment made by one of the guys on the show other than Tommy or David pertaining to illegal turkey hunts. Thanks a lot Bin Laden!!  'Big Cat' Couch on the other hand stayed away from the mayhem and touched on upcoming events. He liked the company so much, he stuck around for a game of Matt-ch Game. (just give that time and it will stick)

 Thursday marked the opening of the 2012 Baseball season in most cities. We had Darryl Strawberry on the phone with us discussing a new TV program documenting where he started playing the game and what he and others are doing to help other young adults get off the streets and on to the ball field.

Friday was finally upon us. It couldn't have come at a better time of the week. It didn't even matter that it was a Friday the 13th! We were all just about worn out from all the Razorback talk as I'm sure you were. That's why we asked new Events Coordinator Victoria Goss to join us for some Buzz B Q and Golf tournament talk.

 Another former RazorHog and current Realty TV/Game Show Host called The Show With No Name. Fort Smith, Arkansas favorite son, Rossi Morreale. He seems like a likable enough guy. He's an Arkansas boy and that means we are proud of his achievements. Rossi also holds the title of one of the Handsome Razorbacks of All Time. I said ONE of. It's called the David Bazzel Trophy.  Yep, you know it!

Tommy tried to end the week with a little fun. So we played a game. Sure it's the Dead or Alive Game. I know it sounds creepy to cheer for someone who guessed correctly that a celebrity is dead. But, it is fun!

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