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Monday Morn Mischief

4/16/2012 11:56 AM

The Show With No Name tipped the scale more in the favor of fun over Bobby Petrino talk this morning.  We started off the day with The Stupid Question of the Day. David mentioned to Tommy about playing the game more often and Tommy said that's a good idea so, the plan is to throw the question out there every morning starting in the 2nd hour of the show. The chance that it begins in the first hour of the program can not be dismissed. The possibility that we don't play the game all together exists too. 

Harry King came in this morning just as happy as he always is when he first gets to the station. You see, he spends time with Justin Acri before coming into the studio with us. Justin is out for the week and it just set Harry OFF!!!   Well, after calling me a few names off the air, I was able to calm him down a bit. Actually, I didn't do anything. The Stupid Question of the Day was about pets and pet owners. That did it! He was able to talk about his baby dog, as RJ calls 'em. Seems Harry has a soft spot for his grandbabies and baby!  It was like seeing Harry Hulk turn back into David Banner right before my eyes.

We had the folks from Friends of the Fair stop in to let us know about the Inaugural Scholarship Golf Tournament. It's at the Country Club of Arkansas on May 5th. Shotgun Start at 9 am. There is a number you can call. There's also an email address you could use to get more info. That's the good news. The bad news is that I didn't write them down because, well because, I was certain that RJ Hawk would have the audio from Jerry and Tammie giving out that very important bit of information. I was wrong! Very Wrong! I can only hope that he is avoiding my many calls and text in the last couple of hours because he is asleep. I would hate to think that something happened to him because, I would feel guilty for half an hour or so for what I'm thinking about him.  I can't stay discouraged with him long anyway. Look at that face! And just think. He lived in a bubble until 15 months ago!

Tomorrow Tommy brings back and oldie but a goodie. The ABC's of Rock & Roll! I'm not kidding ya! So get your Rockin' Cap on and join us. RJ said that someone is coming up with food tomorrow morning as well. I don't remember who he said. He's still not answering his phone!

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