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Double Duty

4/17/2012 3:39 PM


The Show With No Name was where I started my day. The Zone With No Acri, is where I finished the day. That is of course if ya don't count this here blog. For tax purposes I must count it.

Bobby Tucker showed up with some grub today with Chad Roller. That would be just fine on its own. But, Chad wanted to speak about a Golf Tournament being held in honor of his brother Charlie.

RJ Hawk really out did himself for me today. Yesterday he didn't have any audio for me to post. Today he had two clips. The sucky part is that they are what I wanted for yesterday! Bubble Boy! Gotta love him. The first one he had for me this morning is Harry King from yesterday.  The second piece of audio is from me and David discussing what we should do with certain criminals if the prisons are full. Again, from yesterday! BUBBLE!!

There is also a quick clip from a history lesson that I was giving. This one has Tommy and David laughing at me. We scoff at what we do not know or understand. Now that I reflect on it a bit, I think I will save that for tomorrow or another day. I'm sure that it will be played tomorrow and or the next day and or the next day!

Oh yea. On the subject of The Stupid Question of the Day. I mentioned Monday that it was going to be a daily bit. I also said that it may get played in the first hour. Possibly wait until the 7:00 hour. And further yet, might not get done at all. BINGO!! WE HAVE A WINNER! Tell us what they've won Johnny!!! Yep. NOT Played! OH well, If that's the worst thing that happens to us on this 'bleed 'em dry 'cause we can' tax day, we'll be just fine!

Marnie Walker Sharp was representing Chip's Bar BQ when she brought us a ton of grub this morning. They have been in business for 50 years. That's so long ago that Shackleford was just a dirt road. I thought it still was. I'm kiddin'. Am I really?

OK. Tomorrow 'Big Cat' and 'Wild Man' join us. One of those guys is going to talk about Black Bears in our state. Tommy mentioned that he was gonna ask 'Wild Man' what Arkansas was like before the beginning of civilization!! RATS!!!

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