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Hump It Up!

4/18/2012 3:35 PM

The Show With No Name celebrated a Hump Day with fun, food, and info for ya. Well the fun and info were for you. The food was all for us. I guess you could have come by for a bite. Next time we have a spread like we did today , just give me a text or email and a couple of you can grub. If it's like today with Krazy Mike, or yesterday with some Chip's Bar BQ, there will be some to share. Yea that's it. The first couple of folks that email and ask if we have enough, I will invite ya up.

'Wild Man' Wilson brought Myron with him this morning. As I stated yesterday, the fellas talked Arkansas Black Bears. No doubt we trailed off the conversation about Black Bears a little. David Bazzell doesn't think the Black Bear is anything to be afraid of in the woods. That is spoken like the next meal of an Arkansas Black Bear! 

Johnathon Matt 'Big Cat' Couch joined us at about the same time Krazy Mike showed up with some wings and things. Don't get me wrong now. It was just a coincidence. But, that was a good thing. Because, while Matt would tell us about the upcoming Buzz events we would and could eat! Matt stuck around to play some Matt-ch Game too.

We are a sports show so, of course we talked a little shop. Stop laughing. We did talk quite a bit about sports. NBA, NFL, NHL, and the latest in the Petrino saga. Actually, it was specifically that Jessica Dorrell had resigned from her post at the U of A. She only took a little less than $14,000.00! Yea that's right! That's baby crap compared to the load she could have held out for. Why did she do that? Who is she protecting? Only two people know the answer to that. Jessica Dorrell is one. The other is Trey Schap. Oh he knows what's up.

The show With No Name continued with the ABC's of Rock and Roll. The B's were up for debate today. The Beatles had to be Corliss-ed. After that does it really matter who else is in the B's? OK! OK! You can have the Beastie Boys!

And we did pick up where we left off Monday. The Stupid Question was played. Will it tomorrow? It's got a better chance than it had yesterday. We are on the road. Conway Arkansas welcomes us with open arms at the AG-PRO. Well, I don't know about open arms. We are creeping in before sunrise. It should be fun. Always is on the road. Join us.

Talk with ya Thursday.

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Thanks for listening and making The Buzz 103.7 your #1 station. Join The Show With No Name from 6am-10am Mon-Fri with Tommy Smith, David Bazzel, RJ Hawk, and myself.


Cindy Dina (4/18/2012 5:57 PM)

Rally enjoy your daily synopsis of The Show With No Name. (Yes, I know that word looks like sin-o-piss). Pic looks like you took hump day very serious with Tommy!! As much as I LOVE sports, I could listen to the 'shop talk' with you guys all day!! You ALL have my highest respect for the advocacy of community & charity events and money, emergency supplies & so much more. Your sponsors/advertisers? I KNOW any business that advertises on the Buzz is tried and true, because you guys go out and let us listener's know, ya give us all the details. KEEP UP THE GREAT EVERYTHING YOU ALL ARE DOING!! I am jonesin for a steak burger, gotta get there soon!!

Cindy Dina (4/18/2012 6:00 PM)

I meant REALLY, as in I think Steve "Wildman" Wilson really rocks! Enjoy the info.

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