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4/19/2012 1:26 PM

The Show With No Name was on the road this morning. Broadcasting LIVE from the hometown of the outside threat of the Triplets, number 44, Marvin Delph!  If ya haven't figured it out yet, we were in Conway, Arkansas! Tommy, David, and me, were on location at the Ag-Pro.  Thanks to Greg for allowing us to hang out with him and his staff. We met them all but, only got to talk on air with Boogie the Repair Man. Yea, that's right. Boogie. His grandma called him booger and they tweaked it a bit so he wouldn't be picked on at school. The funny part is, is that Boogie was home schooled. I'm kidding. Maybe I'm not. No audio from that or any other portion of the show because, RJ Hawk was in too much pain from allergies to capture any for us. That's a shame. We really had some good stuff, including hearing Boogie explain the intricacies of the do's and don'ts of small engine repair.

I took a Gator out for a spin and the fellas had me a little concerned that I burned up a brand spankin' new $8500.00 dollar vehicle. Turns out that it was just some spilt oil on the manifold engine thingy. Greg didn't let me sweat it out too long and explained the situation. That's just what you would expect from a good ol' boy born and raised proper from Helena, Arkansas.

 We didn't get to the Stupid Question or the ABC's of Rock & Roll this morning. We spent most of the time on the memory of Dick Clark. He is one of those icons that we mark time with in our life. You know what I mean. A celebrity that was around when you were born and lived thru out a great deal of your adult life. Dick Clark was certainly one of those people and American Bandstand was one of those shows.

We touched on the Arkansas Razorbacks as well as some NBA, NHL, NFL, ESPN, Member FDIC, For those who think young, By Mennen! The only other thing that it's ashamed there is not audio from, is my little baby rant on a few Fan Feed Back Haters. I have to apologize for the name callin'. I spoke with my preacher afterwards and he prayed with me about it and I had to ask for forgiveness from those that I took offense. It's not their fault. I hope that those that sent the hateful words have a very productive life. I also want to note that I will NOT, I repeat, NOT put them out if they were on fire. It seems that is just adding insult to injury. Hey look, the preacher said it, not me. Got to love the Cloth!!

Tonite we spend our slumber in Russellville. Yeppers! Its time for the GRAVELY portion of our Outdoors Tour to pick back up and take us thru the Summer! Hope to talk atcha then. Don't get too close to that flame feller!

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Thanks for listening and making The Buzz 103.7 your #1 station. Join The Show With No Name from 6am-10am Mon-Fri with Tommy Smith, David Bazzel, RJ Hawk, and myself.


Russell Jones (4/20/2012 12:03 AM)

Tommy, several of us former employees of the mighty 1090 KAAY.(when it was a real radio station not religious.and when it was located at 2400 cottondale lane. It is the 50th anniversary of when it became KAAY. Anyway, we want to get a reunion of former employees of the station and have a party, swap stories that sorta thing. David B.Treadway, Doug Virdon, myself Barry mc Corkindale are trying to organize it. we think it would be so great to get the guys together again. I think you worked at KAAY before Magic didn't you. anyway, you need to be there also. would like for you to come and if you have any ideas that can help it would be greatly appreciated. Rememberr the good old days, when you had cart machines,turntables, had to actually prep for a show pull music. Not voice track, have music on computeer. when radio was radio and you had fun.
Thanks for any help. You cna find me on facebook or my e-mail which is
Russell Jones.
p.s. i was the first board

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