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Mr. Smith Goes To Washington............County

4/24/2012 11:23 AM

With all do respect to a caller and to Jimmy Stewart .....Mr. Smith does indeed go to Washington County.  Fayetteville, Arkansas that is......Ozarks......Razorbacks............population 73,580....SALLLLLLUTE!!!  The search is over. At least for 10 months anyway. John L. Smith signed a contract to be the new head coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks football team. And you better know that The Show With No Name was exited! No, not because he is the hire. But, because we knew there wasn't a need for show prep! Tommy, David, RJ, and myself could enjoy the great time with family and friends at the ?th Annual Buzz Golf Tournament at Rebsamen yesterday. 

 Razorback favorite Clint Stoerner played in our Golf tourney and had some things to say about the new head Hog when word got to him. No audio is available of those comments. It's a shame too. What we do have is number 14 calling the show this morning though.

 OK, it's time for a new bit I will call......Bad News-Good News. Bad News....We have had a major shake up at the University of Arkansas! Good News....We've had an extended season of Razorback Graffiti! I will grant you that a few of the installments have left a little to be desired but, as James Ballentine says, "Crappy gold is still gold!"

 While we're at it, I will toss in some bonus of Harry 'Geez I wish I could hurry up the Mayan Calendar' King. Harry was with us at Rebsamen yesterday. RJ was unable to get me the audio in time for that days blog. Mr. Hawk said he had to pick up his new golf shoes. He wears a right shoe on both feet.  It looks weird but it does help him stand alone.

 We did have a full call board all morning and could have spent the whole show plus, the commercial breaks talking about the U of A. No really we could have. It was decided to give you a break with some entertainment talk. Entertainment talk pertaining to this years Riverfest. Deanna Corte stopped in and gave us the lineup.

Join us for a Hump Day addition of The Show With No Name. 'Wild Man' Wilson will be in to educate us all on Hummingbirds. Matt Couch joins us and spills the beans on what he knows about Weber State and Buzz BQ!

One last thing. Is it me or does John L Smith look a little like Fire Marshall Bill?    Nah. I guess not.

Talk atcha tomorrow.

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