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Wednesday Shmensday

4/25/2012 11:43 AM

Not a whole lot really happened today on The Show With No Name today. The amazing part is that Tommy wanted to get to a few things but, we ran out of time. Honestly, the most entertaining thing to happen, in my eyes, was Tommy running out of the station to make it home for a nap while it was cloudy before he had to have a Bazzel day, as he puts it.  He was just about into his nappy nap before the phone rang and woke him up. And for those that know The Artist formerly known as The Outlaw, he didn't answer the call anyway.

 We talked about the presser with new Hog head football coach, John L. Smith. The consensus is that he is, kinda, well, OMG!!!! What in the world is gonna happen to our potential National Championship/BCS game Arkansas Razorbacks!? Yesterday, Tommy and David asked us all to describe in one word our feelings on the Jeff Long hire. The radio friendly answers included settled, continuity, adequate. Only one person Live Fan Feed Backed the word esoteric. Esoteric. We can only hope that's why we are still scratching our head.

 We did get some words of wisdom from Michael From Stuttgart. Say what ya will about the guy. Just don't imply he is afraid to give his opinion. I kinda like the fella. RJ Hawk on the other hand didn't think MFS worthy of saving the audio. Hey! Wait a dadburn minute!! What kind of hat is that!!!?

 Steve 'Wild Man' Wilson walked into the studio without a guest this morning. Steve isn't scared to face us alone. Although I do see him shake his head in disbelief when we get involved in the question and answer portion of the segment.  He talked about Hummingbirds and how many times they lick their food in 60 seconds. Can you see the setup for disaster?

 Matt Couch was in and out of the studio on this here Wednesday. The young buck has got so much to do these days that it's our pleasure when we get our 'Big Cat' time.

It's starting to make sense now that we did run out of time. We got in The Stupid Question of the Day. We didn't get to Matt-ch Game with Couch or yet another installment of Razorback Graffiti. Tommy was going to do one more after the press conference may have stirred up some stuff. Top it off with the "C" in the ABC's of Rock & Roll with Eric Clapton taking the trophy on my scorecard and BOOOOOOOOOM!!! It's a Wednesday. Now that I reflect on it. It wasn't that bad a show after all. No I'm serious! You can stop laughing!

Tomorrow we have Beat the Baz.......Mark Miller will stop by and roll out some deals from Fletcher Dodge.......Also we try to get the hate out with TV shows others like that you just don't get. Boy oh boy it's stacking up to be a BIG time Thursday edition of The show With No Name! Started laughing again did ya? Now you're just being mean.

Talk atcha tomorrow.

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