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Wrap And Rap Up

4/27/2012 7:11 PM

I have really stunk it up here lately with the blog. Nuttin' major, just seems I haven't been able to pull off two days in a row. It's been a busy week. I'm sure it has for you too so, we can't finish until we get started.

I was well aware I wouldn't get yesterdays blog done with packing and heading up to play golf in White County on the agenda. Searcy that is......Harding University, Yarnells Back........Population 22,858 +.....say it with me...SAAAAAAAALUTE!!......I can't tell if Searcy has grown since last year. I was in a different part Thursday night I didn't know existed but, it still has that small town feel. That's a good thing. The tip off to a small town supporting it's locals? If their is a video store. Yep. I saw one. With Redbox taking over, video stores are like full service gas stations, scarce.

Gotta lot to give ya so away we go.......We started off The Show With No Name with a call from Sterling from Center Ridge and with The Stupid Question Thursday morning. I discovered Tommy likes a little pain. He wanted to do the question but, when it went into the 2nd hour it started gettin' on his nerve. And that can be ugly at times because he is apparently on his last one with the bit.  I started suspecting something when one of the discussions we had was on TV shows that you like that others don't. RED FLAG!! The Outlaw wanted to vent. Hit the deck Malachi!

 Mark Miller stopped in to talk about the last weekend of the month at Frank Fletcher Dodge. Mark was in a hurry to get to work and bolted out of the studio earlier than he normally does. So early in fact, he was gone before Frank called in. We'll broadcast live from Sherwood on Monday morning to close out the very, very, last day of April. Wow! We move into the month of May next week. Time is zippin' by! 

 We had a generous helping of Beat the Baz. David has gotten so much better at this game over the years that it is a must for someone to help our caller/contestant in the game against David 'The' Bazzel. While Eddie Pannel and Indu Soora were in the studio at the time talking about Bollywood and Harmony Health Clinic and since Eddie is somewhat knowledgeable about music, we had our little helpers.

 It wasn't long after that I was on my way to the Country Club to play golf and to have dinner with Casey and Sara Dacus. David and Shantell joined us. On the course I shot a not so really sucky round. James Ballentine and Brian Morse were playing lights out but, when Casey Dacus started getting into his rhythm and me talking feces well, that was just more than our opponents could handle and they faltered at the end!!

 This morning at Dacus Sales and Rentals was a fun time too. That Dacus family are just good people. Sara made a most wonderful breakfast casserole. She is a teacher of 8th graders. Sara may start grading my blog writing. She said she would but, first I had to bring it up to her grade level. Just a very nice lady. Her hubby is no slouch. Casey was the one that invited us to golf and dinner. His dad is a kind man I know. How do I know you ask? I'm glad you asked. Mr. Dacus put up with our shenanigans while he was trying to conduct business in his store. All the while with a smile on his face. I think having Butch Elvis Dicus (no relation because its a different name) made more of difference than my presence. I may tend to agree.  I like Elvis. It's just this photo makes it seem like I really like. I had to show it before David did and tried to put some sort of spin on it. There it is. I'm just gonna end this thing now with a Tommy Smith Rap.

Have a safe weekend if you're off and I feel your pain if you're not!

Talk atcha Monday.

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