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Carry Over Monday

4/30/2012 11:08 AM

The Show With No Name picked up right where we left off Friday. No not in Searcy. We were in Sherwood this morning. On the road. We picked up where we left off, on the road. Just forget it. 


from Frank Fletcher Dodge Chrysler Jeep in Sherwood, Arkansas. Home of,  Kevin McReynolds. Population.....29,523......SAAAAAAALUTE! Yep. The morning drive to work took me about 5 ta 10 minutes longer to that part of Pulaski County.  No worries, because I was able to enjoy the sunrise just a little bit longer.  WOW! It's statements like that that have even me worried with what this photo is screaming!! Help me Tom Cruise! Help me Oprah Winfrey!  And, as if I couldn't do anything else to cause shame to my family or fellow man, I get Buzz favorite and all around good guy William involved. Shame, Shame, Shame! That's it! That's the last photo you will see of me in that position. Unless I'm offered money of course. What?! I may be stupid but, I'm not stupid.

OK now. That's enough about that. Frank Fletcher  and Mark Miller  joined us in a roundtable discussion about cars, trucks, the NBA, and a contest that Double F and David Bazzel had last night in New Orleans. Yea that's right. New Orleans, Louisiana on a Sunday afternoon. 

We continued with the ABC's of Rock & Roll. Today it was the letter F. It's a letter we are all too familiar with on The Show With No Name. It gets used a couple of times a week in referring to one of us on the panel. I know, I know. Hard to believe right? Anyway, no clear cut winner this morning. So, that being said, I give the 'F' award to........Jose Feliciano!!

We'll be in Hot Springs Friday for our Kentucky Derby show at Oaklawn Racetrack. This is the time of year when the shows in Mob Town get fewer and far between. The newest member of the Arkansas Hall of Fame,  Terry Wallace, called us to help us out with the letter F and some past derby winners. 

I really can't remember if there is anything worthy that I'm leaving off. Oh there are a few pictures of David eating hashbrowns like french fries and Trey playing cell phone Tetris but, nothing earth shattering. No wait! We did not even mention the name of the new head Hog! And I ain't gonna do it now!

Join us back in the studio tomorrow. Talk atcha Tuesday.

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