The Show With No Name

May Day

5/1/2012 2:44 PM

The Show With No Name started off the program with the all important call by Weather Ninja. Well, Tommy, David, RJ, and myself exchanged our morning pleasantries and then the call about the skys over Arkansas.

Being back in the studio for the first show in three afforded us the opportunity to throw out The Stupid Question of the Day. It lasted for about what, 30 minutes at the most? That was perfect for Tommy. Man he hates that thing I think. Ya gotta come in the studio sometime and watch his face when it goes on a couple 5 -10 minutes. Matter of fact, listen to his voice crack the next time he starts the bit. It's got to be a form of anger management for him to announce the game and then go thru with it. Speaking of anger management. David asked the question, how do we express it when we get angry? I did a stupid thing and burned myself with a cigarette. David I believe punched one wall. That's the most common I'm sure. Justin is a door slammer. Tommy was a puncher too. Now our buddy RJ Hawk? Yep. You guessed it. All The Above..Plus! You should have seen RJ when we told him he was not allowed to eat any of the grub that Tori with Down Home Catering brought. We were just teasing knowing that Mr. Hawk couldn't hold it in very long. We were so right. He stepped in the break room and put his fist thru all the melt in your mouth biscuits! Decorum prevents me from telling what he did to the chocolate gravy!! Goosfraba.

We didn't abandon sports. We are contractually obligated to speak on the subject. Oh, but, we also picked the 'G' in the ABC's of Rock & Roll. For the life of me I can't remember who was chosen. Let us just go with the Go Go's! What now?! I know at least one other agrees with me.

Screw it then! No that's OK. In sports we talked about the NBA and NFL. DUH!! We were treated with a visit from #16 in your program and number 2 in your heart. Now ya gotta give me that. David Bazzel has to be number 1. I'm quite sure Brad Taylor is cool with it as well. I'm not budging on that either. You can stop calling and texting me right this minute.  I'm moving on. Goosfraba!!!

Tomorrow 'Wild Man' Wilson. Matt Couch will be in and disclose how some lucky listener will win a new phone next week on The Show With No Name. Talk atcha on Hump Day! Arkansas Hump Day Baby!!

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