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Arkansas Hump Day Baby!

5/2/2012 10:53 AM

We Humped It Up on The Show With No Name today! This Wednesday started out like any other Wednesday normally would with 'Wild Man' Steve Wilson. His guest this morning was Wes the Elk expert. Not really sure if that is his official title but, it fits so I'm going with that. The subject was, wait for it, wait for it......Elk.  Actually learned more about Elk than I knew before the visit. I know that may surprise most of you.

 The morning continued on a merry path with the arrival of Matt 'Big Cat' Couch. Matt was in detailing the latest Buzz events and he outlined a new game with the prize being a Lucid from LG. What is a Lucid from LG? Good question. It's a Smartphone. All ya have ta do is play The Show With No Name, Wheel of Fortune. Real simple. Solve the puzzle......Well you know the game. We'll give it away next Thursday on the morning show.

  David got the phones ringing when he called a bunt in baseball a coward move. He's a MAN! Men don't take the girly way out. Baz says give him the high heat every time and let him swing away!

 It was during a game of Match Game that the conversation got a little touchy even for me. The language that was displayed in such an innocent game had me blushing! The lovely ladies from Homer's Restaurant were in informing us of their next endeavor. A new location on Rodney Parham in June. Katrina and Leslie are all woman, if ya know what I mean. You don't? OK. Let's say, If I was deaf and never ate again I would enjoy the view or views, if ya will, at Homer's Restaurant. I believe these particular glands may have fogged Tommy's mind when coming up with the Match Game words. I know it played a part in David's answer! 

 After that there was nowhere else to go so, it was just time to change the subject and get as far away from that segment as possible. John and Janet with Gen-Wealth came in and talked 401K and yadda yadda yadda. They have their own show on the station. It's the Get Ready for the Future Show. 

I still feel a little dirty. 

Tomorrow we welcome back for the first time in 2012. Andrea. Yep. The Trainer to the Stars will visit. Beat the Baz and who knows what else. No I'm serious. Who knows what else?  

Talk atcha Thursday morning. 

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