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Trash Talk Thursday

5/3/2012 1:20 PM

 Today on The Show with No Name we were without our leader, Tommy Smith. Why is it that whenever The Outlaw takes a day off we touch on a topic or two that is, well, touchy? Just unlucky I guess. When Tommy is gone David and myself will combine our topic thoughts and run with what sticks. This morning we did speak about the apparent suicide of Junior Seau. Former All-Pro linebacker with the San Diego Chargers. To lighten the mood, we asked you to call in and tell us if you know of someone that has a famous persons name. It could even be yourself. It's a take on the ESPN commercial that features a middle aged, balding, white guy named Michael Jordan, and the disappointment the people have when they discover it's not the Michael Jordan. Then I brought up a topic about a town in Massachusetts. Middleborough, Massachusetts specifically. Public swearing is so apparently bad in Middleborough, Massachusetts, that Police Chief Bruce Gates wants to give $20 tickets to vulgar mouths as a deterrent. I believe that this type of language is a flaw in some, maybe most folks. I also believe I have said such flaw. I'm not proud of it. But, I also don't condemn. Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing to pay a little coin to help stop the awful habit. OK. Watch your mouth lady! I'm starting to feel dirty.

 Speaking of ladies. We were gonna have one on the show today but,Trainer to the Stars, Andrea Sayers joined us instead. BOOOOOM!! I'm here all week! I'm kiddin'. Just a joke Andrea. Is it? Yes. It seems like a year since Andrea has been with us on a Thursday morning. She spoke on the subject of potty mouths and brother let me tell ya she can put a sailor to shame with her language. Again, I'm joking. Maybe. Well, let me put it this way. I'm a sexist. But I'm one for women. Does that even make sense? I think women can do some things better than men. Honestly I think they can do most things better than us fellas. When it comes to chick type ladies swearing, I kinda dig it. They do it better. Now I'm making myself uncomfortable.

 We needed to turn to Mr. Wholesome, David Bazzel, to right this ship. A ship mind you, that he wanted to capsize with me in the crows nest!! We needed a good clean game of Beat the Baz and.........VOILA!! Back to being the Fun and Games Station. Keeping the good vibe going since we had a chica, we might as well play a round of Battle of the Sexes. ( CHICA...."young girl"" U.S. slang, c.2002, from Amer.Sp. chica "girl," fem. of chico "boy" Often an affectionate term of address. As an adj., "small.") Just just a little something for my Cinco De Mayo!

Gotta get ready to head to Hot Springs. Doing a LIVE broadcast from the veranda at Oaklawn Park. Come hang out if'n ya want. Talk atcha Friday.

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