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Indiana Auto-Lag

5/8/2012 11:48 AM

I left for Angola, Indiana right after Friday mornings Show With No Name from Oaklawn Park. I thought I might have no problem making Monday mornings Show With No Name from just down the street in Saline County but, after 12 hours on the road all day Sunday, I was a NO SHOW for The Show With No Name yesterday. Some may say that happens quite a bit. Anyway, it was good to be home this morning. Well, up until Tommy showed me his toes and why he is going to the doctor to have them either fixed up or taken off. Ronnie Lott style. Turns out too, that there is not a big rush at the Toe Doctors Office. You can make, cancel, and reschedule at your convenience. That's perfect for Tommy.

 RJ Hawk was out today so, they called the bull pen and had the best closer in the business, Matt 'Big Baby' Travis take the mound.  'Big Baby' is a Jacksonville, Arkansas fella. He felt at home with Parks and Rec. lady, Kristen Kennon. It's set for ASU head man Gus Malzahn to make a stop and speak at the Community Center in J-ville May 23rd.

The Ninja, weather one that is, talked about one of his favorite TV shows with us this morning. It didn't take us long to join in with our take on it. I would display a photo of the guy but, with all the links and loops I have to go thru to find one, chances are I will get a virus. And we don't want me to get a virus now do we.

 With the arrival of Tim 'Mister Arkansas Movie Man' Jackson, we kept the movie talk going. The recent release of the new Avengers flick was a no brainer to discuss. Tommy Smith even went to see it. In 3-D! I believe I heard him say it was in the top ten all time on his movie list. David has invited me to go with him and a friend to watch it Wednesday night. We'll flip a coin to see who holds the popcorn.

We had a lot of show or Big Baby is just giving me what I need by way of audio for this here blog. Either way, Tommy threw out the number 8 and the letter I. As a matter of fact, there was not enough in the I category alone, that he decided to sling the letter J at us too. We didn't even scratch the surface with the J's. I'm still waiting on me some Janet. Miss Jackson if you're nasty!

 The death of George Lindsey, Goober Pyle if you're nasty. What? Too soon? Well, no disrespect but, he will always be Goober to me. As I was saying. the death of Goob afforded us the opportunity to play a round of Dead or Alive.....The Andy Griffith Show edition.

It just so happens that after our Goober talk we kept going with we three goobers talking about clothes lines and with my buddy Jacked-Up

I better jump off now, Tomorrow learn how to win a boat this Summer. 'Wild Man' Wilson says it's so.

Talk atcha Wednesday morning.

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