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Make-Up Monday

5/14/2012 12:33 PM

This morning on The Show With No Name we had a plateful. That, coupled with the fact that I was out of pocket Thursday getting my travel on to Pine Bluff for the night before Gravely tour at Chapel Hardware and then, the Chapel Hardware Gravely remote! After getting back Friday and dropping Tommy off at his car, I had to pack for a Friday and Saturday in Mob Town. Being in Hot springs for the 7th Annual Running of the Tubs was a blast! As a matter of fact, we won Best Over-All!!  Lets just keep backing up from there. Friday morning at Chapel Hardware was great by all standards. HAHAHAHAH! Even I have to laugh at that one. Standards? We ain't got no stinking standards! Well, we really do. Just some take everything so serious that I swear, if you ain't taking a baby aspirin everyday you will not be around much longer. And then where will ya be. That's right. In a back yard uncovered well in Midland, Texas!

 If nuttin' else came out of Chapel Hardware but a great deal on Gravely Mowers you got a bargain. Turns out we got more than that with the appearance of Hoggawalla and a return of Felon Friday! What a story that guy had. This could have been a number of people I know. Has been a number of people I know. But for the Grace of GOD, I'm not one of the people I know. Does that make sense?

  Thursday the subject of gay marriage was brought up by....wait for it.....President Obama. Not me or Tommy Smith! Your President! The real full blown (no pun intended) controversy came when longtime friend of The Outlaw, Ty, was in town and worst yet, in studio. Even a round of Beat the Baz couldn't wash the taste out of my mouth. (see previous parenthesis)

Welcome back to the future! Monday gives us all sorts of possibilities. Not to mention our consistent piece with the Dean of Arkansas Media, Harry King.  Harry was wearing a new sweater that he didn't take kindly to me noticing. Chances are I won't make that same mistake again? Chances Are. Get It? Do you people even listen to the show?

 Around 8 months ago, The Sweet Tea Cafe opened at Office Park Drive in Bryant. Around 8 this morning, they came up to the station and into the studio. Kim, Cindy, and Tracey, talked about the newest eating joint in Bryant while we tried out the fried chicken, greens, mac & cheese, and pie! 

 We were able to play a game of Battle of the Sexes.

 This Saturday is Buzz B-Q. It will be my 3rd one to attend. I may make my first appearance at the Friday night before event. It's a party for the partiers that are settin' up their tents and what not. Yea that's right. Live bands are clamoring to make a presence at the Buzz event any way possible. Make no mistake. OTR and Dry County got what they wanted and did a little jee-jawin' with us on the program today. It's a life changing experience it is.  

 Tomorrow on the program, we speak with Dee Snyder. The front man for Twisted Sister will talk with us about his appearance this season on Celebrity Apprentice. I'm sure Tommy and David will have one or two questions about his life on the road as a heavy metal rock guy. Sweet Sweet anyone.

Hope ya hang with us. Talk atcha Tuesday.

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