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What A Wednesday!

5/16/2012 11:53 AM

The Show With No Name was jam packed and jelly tight this morning. It started off with a cell phone glitch all around the world. That is all around my world. And that's all that really exist for any of us isn't it. Yea. That's what I thought. I couldn't reach Samantha so, I had to turn around on 430 and head back to GOD's County, to those outside civilization, and hand wake her up.(make up your own jokes) I was unable to wake David Bazzel by phone so again, knowing where he keeps my spare, I went in and had to hand wake him up too. ( no making up your own jokes here 'cause some of ya are just nasty) FYI.....Baz likes to be tickled awake. Don't ask me why. I think it's strange as well but, job security dictates I do it. After all of that I make it to the studio in time to see  Steve 'Wild Man' Wilson and his tag along today, Nancy Ledbetter. They talked up the River Trail areas for your enjoyment in the Natural State.

 Matt Couch, in all his Associate Pastor hair having glory, stopped by for his weekly update on the goings on at and with The Buzz. I'm sure he covered the upcoming Buzz BQ but, beyond that I have not a clue. I headed down to the Occupy Little Rock site. Thanks to RJ Hawk for posting the audio, I know that Tommy Smith kept the tradition of  Matt-ch Game streak with the promotion director alive.

 I did go and spy what was going on at the Occupy LR site this morning.  They were given until 7 am today to get off the property and find another place to squat. The Occupy group has been there 7 months as of yesterday. The city gave them their eviction notice a couple of weeks ago. Not really because the group was causing trouble. The space is needed for Riverfest next week. That's my opinion only. It's as good as any that I've heard. Also, truth be told, it's time really. I did speak with the Protest Pastor. No not Matt Couch.  Her name is Marie.

I started getting hungry while I was down with the protesters and had to join the group before they would give me a bowl of cereal. While I was being sworn in and eating, David and Tommy were interviewing Gus Malzahn on the phone.  Coach Gus was in the area I believe passing out the cups of ASU kool-aid. I missed the convo as I was into my second bowl of Cheerios.

 Driving back I did hear candidate for the 4th Congressional District, Tom Cotton, on the mic. He was still there when I made my way to my seat in the studio. He'd seems like a nice enough guy. After all, he is a Dardanelle, Arkansas boy. Dardanelle....population in 2000....4228.....SAAAAAAALUTE!

 I may have missed the Malzahn piece and came in during the middle of the Cotton discussion but, I was on hand for the George 'Mr. Sulu' Takei phoner. I even took it a step further by talking to the actor longer than he was actually on the radio. How does that happen you ask? That's a good question. Simple really. When you go longer than the allotted time that is given, the Phone Monitoring Nazi just hangs up on you! I hate that guy! Of course I do get long winded when asking a question. I think it's 'cause I hope to talk enough that I say something that makes sense. I know. I know. I'll say it so you don't have to. Not likely right. 

WOW!! What a Wednesday is right. All of that and I have yet to tell you that Tommy Smith is now on Twitter! Yep. You can follow the man formerly known as The Outlaw at @EpudSmith. Now all that is left is to get David Bazzel an account. He has more more interesting pictures to share than I do. Oh, and if ya want to go and wake Baz up on mornings when I'm running behind? The spare key is under the birdbath in front of his door. Don't ask me why he has a working birdbath in a condo hallway. Remember, he likes me to tickle him when I wake him up!! That's it. I have to get to my therapist in 15 minutes. 

Beat the Baz and Lou Ferrigno on a Thursday Show With No Name. I'll be hollerin' atcha Thursday morning.

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Disabled Veteran to the Buzz (5/17/2012 11:52 AM)

Tom Cotton is a shit eating Republican. Figures why him and Griffin's fat ass keeps getting the air time. Thanks alot Paul Rush. Fuckers. To Phil's dumbass before he sends his crayon inspired literature, gameball to the occupy Little Rock folks. I know you dumbass Christian Republicans can't and won't get out of the bubble but it is absolutely hillarious why you people continue to vote against your economic needs just because you all think that my man isn't an American citizen and that the earth is only 5000 years old. MM...MM...MM

Disabled Veteran to the Buzz (5/17/2012 11:53 AM)

By the way, give Tommy less than a year before he fucks up again and has to have Fat Ass Frank Fletcher bail him out again. Must be nice. Thanks to Fat Frank for payin my property taxes!

Disabled Veteran to the Buzz (5/17/2012 12:02 PM)

Romney believes in magic underwear and that every man will get his own planet with virgins when they die. Do u people really fuckin believe in that kind of shit? Yes he is successful, with himself by fuckin others. You all should come from your trailers and deer camps and do a little common sense research. His slut wife might be a stay at home mom, but with maids, landscapers, etc. I am a stay at home dad with PTSD, digestive problems, had shingles at 27 due to stress from OIF II and do the fuckin yard. Romney is a fuckin cunt.

Disabled Veteran to the Buzz (5/17/2012 12:20 PM)

Yes Afghanistan attacked us and we should have fucked them up royally. Iraq didn't people. So you guys voted to invade without Congress and then have the truck nuts(bull balls that rednecks put on their trailer hitches) to vote against our benefits when we sacrificed. That is just fucked up. Yea we signed up on our own but we deserve our benefits when we return.

hank (5/23/2012 4:08 PM)

I didnt vote for any of it, but i think you need to check yourself into bridgeway, you got problems, and i suspect it runs deeper than a tour in iraq. Glad your not my neighbor, your a real jerk.

Disabled Veteran to Hank (5/24/2012 11:21 AM)

If I was this passionate about not liking Liberals, you all would be applauding me. If it wasn't for my family and the Hogs, I would be ashamed to call myself an Arkansan.

Disabled Veteran to Hank (5/24/2012 11:22 AM)

What do you do for a living Hank? Preacher?

Disabled Veteran to Hank (5/24/2012 11:24 AM)

Baptist right?

Disabled Veteran to Hank (5/24/2012 12:24 PM)

Or are the Christian neighbor off of the Simpson's?

Disabled Veteran to Hank (5/24/2012 2:02 PM)

Hank, you can suck on my bulging cock. Would love to be your neighbor. Somehow your waterhose would freeze up in the winter and dogs would put an extra emphasis on your yard. Please don't tell me your a GOD DAMN FUCKING MORMON OR BAPTIST!

Disabled Veteran to Hank (5/24/2012 2:05 PM)

This yard is better than any of you Republicans with your four wheeler tracks or lack of weed-eating skills, or your lack or weeding; wait, I like weed! Do you guys turn the weedeater upside down or leave it upright to get the best line on your driveway?

Disabled Veteran to Hank (5/24/2012 2:07 PM)

How often do you clean your toilet or wash your sheets Hank? More importantly, how often do you wash your hands after praying?

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