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Hello Lou.....Lou?.....LOU!

5/17/2012 11:33 AM

 The Show With No Name has done what no other radio program has by having Lou Ferrigno on the program this morning. We hold the distinction of possibly being the only show to have a ventriloquist perform on radio and with the original Hulk this morning, a phone interview with someone that is 95% deaf. Yeppers. Pretty amazing if ya ask me.  It's what we do. And brother did it get a little heated with Tommy and RJ Hawk on one side of the fence and David and myself on the other. The fence I'm speaking of is having Mr. Ferrigno on in the first place. I would be a liar if I said it wasn't a little awkward. I mean the man is deaf for all practical purpose. Yet, he has a set big enough to talk to some radio yuk yuks, in Arkansas, on a cell phone! It's tough enough doin' an interview with someone that has 100% of their hearing.  You can get so hot that you start gettin' butt sweats when interviewing anyone live and get some awkward silence on the other end. The silence can be deafening! (Not making a pun. It just fits)

 My personal Hulk, or The Bulk, David Bazzel, was involved with Beat the Baz a couple of times today. The man will blurt out anything that sounds like the name of a song or artist to help come up with the correct answer in his head movies. Tommy has said it is his favorite day of the week because of the game. The fun David has with it is making it rapidly be a fav of mine too. 

 Tommy labeled this Thursday edition of The Show With No Name, Game Day. And for good reason. Along with Beat the Baz, the Stupid Question of the Day won a listener a pair of tickets to this weekends Buzz B Q. Not convinced that it was Game Day? Well, there was the Name that Arkansas lake amusement we didn't even get to but, did have a new venture with one Robert James Hawk. It was to see if he could eat 7 saltine crackers in 60 seconds. He was not allowed to drink anything in those 60 seconds either. Tommy saw it on Sports Nation yesterday. Justin informed us that it's an old bar game that he has won 20 bucks on in the past. Hawk should have the video on the web soon. 

 John Hout is running for Circuit Judge. In keeping with The Artist Formerly Known as the Outlaws statement of inviting all up that are runnin' for office, Mr. Hout jumped at the chance to have the much informed listeners of The Buzz hear his reasons for wanting their vote.

Paul Colvert with Crooked Creek Speedway is having his one day a year event this Saturday. If you like motocross races this is for you. I actually have Tommy and David believing that I used to do this stuff. SHHHHHHH.

Tomorrow we invade Gravel Ridge. It's the last stop on the Gravely Tour this year. Come on out and and get some free Buzz gear and maybe grab a bite with us compliments of, The Meat Man. Yea that's right. Ol' Cat Arm himself will be there.

Thank you for being a part of our mornings and letting us be a part of yours.

Talk atcha LIVE from Gravel Ridge Small Engine tomorrow mornin'.

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