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5/22/2012 3:23 PM

It got really heated on The Show With No Name this morning. Most of us may have thought that The Stupid Question of the Day was, well, the stupidest thing ya might hear.  Not counting any of the times that I nay comment on one thing or another. NO! Boy did the flood gates open (no pun) when the subject of the Bible coupled with politics came up. Both subjects can elicit strong opinions. And they did.   We had Tjuana Byrd, candidate for the Juvenile Division Circuit Judgeship in Pulaski County with us today. The topic of disciplining children led us into a little Bible study. I may be the guilty party. No I am guilty. Guilty at least of stating Proverbs 13:24, Whoever spares the rod hates their children,
but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them
. Boy oh Boy! That was not long followed by a caller that just started rippin' away. He did more than that on Live Fan Feedback. The language was deplorable. I am ashamed to even read the nasty words that he has left me on this here blog and even in emails to me personally. But, here's the cool part. He has every right to his opinion and I welcome them one and all no matter the comment with or without malice.

 David Sanders came in to tout his reasons for wanting your vote for State Senate. Brother did the calls keep coming about the fella that was mentioned earlier while David Sanders, who is the son of a preacher, a deacon in his church, and named all of his children after names in the Bible.

 Oh man. With all of the ugliness that surrounded the last half of the show, I almost forgot about a lighter moment that happened early on. Sunday Buzz morning show host Bill Vickery was spotted on TV while we were on saying hi and howdy to ya first thing. It made for some fun at his expense and Bill was a good enough sport to call in and discuss with us. Billy V. is a big boy and can dish it out as well as give it back. He is probably one of the most cerebral smart***es I know. Make no mistake when I tell you, that's a good thing to me.

After the show, Tommy Josh, RJ, and myself went to Rebsamen and played 18 holes of golf. I only tell you the number of holes because in years past , a full round would have been non existent with The Outlaw in the mix. Not so anymore. It wasn't hot out there either. That helped. We had a good time.

Tomorrow is a Hump Day and Tommy said on the course that no politics or Bible talk will be discussed. I can't wait for those guest that we had in the last to weeks calling in if they win. I honestly would much rather open the phones for those that lost and let them vent. that would be much more fun to hear anyway. Steve 'Wild Man' Wilson, Matt Couch, and James Belew stops by. Belew is bring his awesome red beans and rice.

Talk atcha Wednesday. 

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