The Show With No Name


5/23/2012 10:59 AM

KATV Ch 7 Daybreak is on a tour of radio stations this week. Today was The Show With No Names turn on the tube. It's been awhile since we were on the show so, Tommy and David had some fun with that.

The day after elections had a bitter/sweet feel to it this morning. One of our old buddies, Kime Eubanks, was unsuccessful his first time out but, a couple of the politician wannabes that visited us did win and did call to say thanks.  Tom Cotton, a new buddy, may be the next big name from Arkansas to keep an eye on in Washington. Two things....1) What the heck do I know.....2) It was only the Primary elections. Nevertheless, Tommy C. called us.

 The Wild Man stopped in and brought Arlene Green. They were there to discuss Women in the Outdoors . It's a three day class to get women more interested in the Great Outdoors. Classes on fishing, hunting, and the like of course will be topics to be discussed. Not, as David Bazzel wondered aloud, ladies knowing how to cook on a campfire! Or puttin' on make-up by the reflection in the creek bed!

 When we talk about the biggest catch for the ladies at the Buzz, it is Matt Couch. David at the present time is in a very serious relationship and may be making an announcement any day now. Matt seems to be in a good one as well but, it's too early to tell. Let him spend a couple of holidays with the young ladies family and then we may have to rethink his status. If that happens then we move to RJ Hawk.  That's when anything goes! Speaking about RJ. He got robbed yesterday!  Horatio is on it!

James Belew started gettin' the word out about his BIG Annual 4th of July event in Saline County. It was in Bryant for a decade and a half. It will be moved to Benton this year because of some photos that got out last year that had the community in a snit. It could have been much worse. The pictures we didn't want to get out didn't get out thank goodness. I'm kiddin'. Am I?

During the time spent with Mr. Belew,  Rasslin' Man stopped in to speak words of wisdom and play Match Game.

Thanks for your support and hope ya join us tomorrow. Talk atcha on a Beat the Baz Thursday. Oh! I think Trainer to the Stars, Andrea will be stoppin' by the program.

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