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Thursday In The Rain

5/24/2012 1:57 PM

 The title of this blog has nothing to do with the show or for that matter, what I'm going to write about in this here thing today. The Show With No Name was in a good mood this morning. Now that I think about the first thing I had written down in my notes, I could change the title and start over. After all, I'm only 4 or 5 lines into it as it is. What ta do? What ta do? Dadburnit! Now I'm deeper! Lets just move along shall we?

Today Tommy got his favorite game played.......Bet the Baz! And I got one of mine played.....Battle of the Sexes! I like all the games we play. There is such a big part of me that has always wanted to be a game show host. I still do really. Monty Hall, Bob Barker, and Peter Tomarken, were just a few of my childhood heroes. Yea that's right! I said heroes! I know I should have more like Hank Arron, Walter Cronkite, or Richard Nixon. But, come on...No Whammies No Whammies! Fugetaboutit! And don't get me started on Rod Roddy!

Mark Miller wanted to tell us and you more importantly, about the Memorial Day Sale going on at Fletcher Dodge this weekend. 

Trainer to the Stars Andrea Sayer was in the studio this fine Thursday. While Andrea was there talking about walking and staying in shape, DeAnna 'Riverfest' Korte chimed in about killing two birds with one stone. What's that? You already know. Walking and gettin' your exercise at the 35th Annual Riverfest!

Speaking of Riverfest. And I just was. All of us, except Bo, will be broadcasting LIVE tomorrow at Riverfest. The First Security Bank in the River Market will be our location. Come hang with us, or The Zone, or Drive Time Sports even if'n ya want to.

All right already! We did talk about sports. We are the number one sports station. Hello. Tommy asked for our numbers on the Razorbacks over the next 5 years. In all 3 sports. (no disrespect to the swim team, track team, and all other teams I don't no exist) I think I'm right when I say that the Hogs are at best an, above average program in the 3 major sports. Since the football team has been in the SEC we have averaged about 7 wins a season. The round ballers have won a national title and the Diamond Hogs have been in the College World Series a half dozen times in the past 30 years. Overall, maybe not as good as some but, as good as most. Is that homerism talking? So what. I'm I Razorback and bleed that Razorback Blood! Arkansas Baby!!

Remember you don't have to buy a new car to be treated like you did. Fletcher Dodge has a wide selection of cars to fit every budget. Just for stopping by and talking with the Fletcher guys you get dinner for two at Benihana Japanese Steakhouse.

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Check everywhere you want but, check with Fletcher Dodge Chrysler Jeep in Sherwood before you make your final decision. You` will be glad you did.

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