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End Of The Month With Fletcher

5/31/2012 12:21 PM

 The Show With No Name spent the last day of the month at the same place we broadcast at the end of every month, Fletcher Dodge Chrysler Jeep.  The sunrise in Sherwood, Arkansas can only be matched in beauty by say the birth of a child, the sight of an American Eagle in flight, coming back to that child wanting to cut the lawn on a Gravely mower. If these things do not put you in a state of reverence, you have no soul! Too much? I'm crying.

As I stated it was the last day of the month and Frank Fletcher had Mark Miller, GM of the dealership and Donnie Ferneau Jr, Head Chef of Franks 21 restaurant, Go bugged eyed with his wheeling and dealing. Mark had already planned on giving you mucho dinero. But, the eyes went wide and the jaws dropped when Frank mentioned to give everyone a 42" TV with purchase of new vehicle. Then, a more early morning drowsy than alert Ferneau Jr., threw his back out when F. Fletcher said in addition to the TV, a free lunch every week for a year at any one of his three restaurants including, 21, Riverfront Steakhouse, and or Benihana. And by the time Frank had requested a lunch special at 21 that may draw 200 to 250 between 11am and 2pm today, Donnie had started bleeding from his ears. Couple that with his already damaged eye from a tree branch while jogging, Donnie Ferneau was now a hot mess!

Tommy wanted to know what we thought about OUR, not Jeff Longs, OUR beloved Razorbacks possible charcoal gray uniforms. The artist formerly known as The Outlaw, is now OK with a little tweak here a little tweak there. What the FREAK is happening with him. He stops drinking and starts talking crazy!! Bruce James is gonna kill him!

David got in a RJ Hawk bastardized version of Beat the Baz this morning. I didn't even attempt to keep score. I don't remember if the caller won, lost, or even stayed on the phone long enough to play a full game. I do remember his name was Mud Puddle!

A good Thursday over all but, the best Thursday never ever beats the worst of Fridays.

Back in the studio for the last day of the week and first day of the month of June. Talk atcha tomorrow.

Remember you don't have to buy a new car to be treated like you did. Fletcher Dodge has a wide selection of cars to fit every budget. Just for stopping by and talking with the Fletcher guys you get dinner for two at Benihana Japanese Steakhouse.

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