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Mucho Monday

6/4/2012 10:53 AM

The Show With No Name did not have Harry King today. Tommy, David, and RJ knew it. I was not told. The guys wanted to give me a surprise. It seems Harry has decided not to come in on Mondays during the Summer because, he doesn't want to upset me on the first day back from the weekend. How nice is that huh? He will be in though on Tuesday for those that need their Grumpy Old Men fix.

It was a program filled with NBA and Tiger Tiger Woods yall. The Spurs lose a 2nd time in 22 games and it seems the band-wagoners want to start second guessing whether the team from San Antonio is all that. Tiger wins his 2nd tournament in as many years and we start the conversation that he is back and will not only pass Jack Nicklaus but dig up Sam Snead and drag his 10 year deceased body around the world and not bury him until Tiger gets 10 more tour wins.  I personally think that's sick! 

We had a caller named Delbert call in this morning. Not 1, not 2, not3, but 4 times this morning. The guy is going away to jail for about 10 years for credit card fraud. Which, coincidentally, happened to Mr. and Mrs. Artist Formerly Known As the Outlaw this past week. Anyway, Delbert had only a few days left before he was locked up or got the Hades out of town and just wanted to get a decade of calls in before he met Warden Norton and the Sisters at Shawshank!  Get busy living or get busy dying.

 Tomorrow all the fellas on the morning show will make a trip down to Hot Springs and magic Springs and take advantage of the wonderful invitation of marketing manager Dana Whisenhunt, and ride the roller coasters at the park. Alright ya got me. Dana didn't just call out of the blue. Tommy mentioned that he wanted to do something each day to keep his mind off Mrs. Outlaw being gone and someone heard us and they told Dana and Dana called and invited us down OK? OK. I need to get the food marketing manager person to call also. Yea that's rite. I'm not working out much. In fact I want more food than I want to workout. I'm sick of living and looking the way society is more accepting of me. Ma! Meatloaf!!

Talk atcha Tuesday.

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